Finding Comfort with Style!

blackrabbitphoto_wool-4We all like to look good – but how many times do you walk out of the house looking good and feeling really stiff and uncomfortable? I so remember speaking to another fashionista in Paris during March Fashion week who said she could not wait to get home after the week and simply crawl into her comfy tracksuit! I’m sure she wasn’t the only one…

So what if one could combine the two and find Style with Comfort?

The picture above is of my favourite vintage stretch jacket I once picked up in Como. But more recently I discovered the brand Siyu which has serious managed to create stylish but comfy clothing to die for:



Love the circles – turning a very plain comfy jumper into something quite special and catchy to the eye.


OK not one of my better smiles right…but you can see how worn with a simple necklace the top looks really pretty.


Voila the whole outfit worn with super cool brogues from Coliac. The skirt a simple pull on stretch affair can also be worn with so many other items creating a totally new look.


Where would I ever be without my favourite simple white T-shirt (Brandy Melville) and Denim jacket (vintage by H&M)



I also fell in love wit this dress. Naturally, realistically I would wear it with a long sleeved black top underneath and either thick stockings or long over the knee fitted boots.

blackrabbitphoto_graydress_IG-3 (1)

The neck detail is super cool though – one of those items to pull out of your wardrobe on a bad taste day and know you really don’t have to add anything to it as it looks brilliant on its o own.

Fun SIYU items available online:

Dress $255, Blazer $253, Patterned dress $242, Casual Pants $218 (click on description to buy)

All Siyu items borrowed from eclectic in Zurich.

Photos taken by

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    1. Thanks – me too, can imagine living in it throughout winter – so easy to pull on with boots and a black skinny top and forget the rest!
      Have a super day,
      Yvonne xx

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