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It’s not every day you get to feel like James Bond but this last weekend was certainly super special for both my hubby and I. Benevolent of it’s recent famous past and with one aim in mind – driving the Silvretta Pass – we set off for the weekend to Bergland Hotel in Sölden.

Actually I’ve never really been one to visit the mountains in summer but there’s so much on offer – it might become a regular habit.

Bergland Hotel Aussenansicht_Sommer ©Anton Klocker www.kdgs.at
photo: official Bergland Hotel

Wow – what a surprise it was to find out that this was where James Bond stayed during the making of the last film Spectre!

No need to guess the first thing we did was go and have some fun in the suite Bond stayed in – still called the Hotel’s special Bond suite and available to book!

DSC_2586_FotorTesting out the chairs in the 212 sq m suite…

DSC_2580Love the fire place – wouldn’t mind one of these at home!

DSC_2602Now this is fun…

DSC_2624Testing out the bed…do you think if we stay here long enough the real Bond will come?

Well we had to leave anyway to have a look at our own lovely wellness suite:

DSC_2548Wow look at that – free standing bath in bedroom.

DSC_2542Looks like there’s a packet on the bed…lets see what’s inside.


Now for the bathroom with it’ very own sauna!


Aha…found hubby, it’s going to be difficult to get him off the comfy waterbed in the lounge.


Fortunately the lovely lady from reception just turned up with our Ötztal Premium Card , a complementary pass for the gondolas and many other activities (free to all Bergland Hotel guests). So we’re off up the Gaislachkogl to check out where the James Bond movie was filmed.

DSC_2650Wow I’ve never seen such a huge gondola with seats – awesome!

DSC_2655Oops not much a view at over 3’000 meters…hey it’s supposed to be summer!!! Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

photo: soelden.com

Not to worry time to indulge in a glass of bubbly and apple strudel – I mean we deserved it right?


DSC_2659A look inside the Ice Q Restaurant – awesome wines and all!!!

The gondola is soooo super fast that in 15 minutes we were back in Sölden center and ready for our fabulous spa treatments.


DSC_2735Wow, 1’700 square meters of heaven!!!

Now I’m really hungry…going to try to do the Bond girl look for dinner…

DSC_2709…close right – hahaha!

DSC_2712Dinner was a real treat!

DSC_2713Lamb from the region.

You might wonder what their regular rooms look like so I took a picture especially for you:

DSC_2738Also super cute – this room even has it’s own garden access.

As I come to a close on this post a little part of my heart longs to be back in Sölden but I am left looking at our lovely little souvenir drink bottles…not decided yet whether to fill mine with whiskey or use as a vase…probably the latter:


Bergland is the oldest established hotel in the the heart of Sölden. Completely renovated in 2010 for 14 million Euro it now has:

  • 86 suites from 36 to 212 square meters
  • underground parking
  • in-house sports shop
  • in-house ski school office
  • 1’700 sq meters Sky Spa
  • free Ötztal Premium Card for all guests

Thank you for the most awesome stay !

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  1. You must have had an awsome time it looks all so beautifull and makes you on to go there. Very nice 👍👍👍💛💙💜❤️😍😍😘😘

  2. What do you mean by ‘try to look like’ a Bond girl?? You would make THE PERFECT Bond Girl!!! 💕👌🏻❤️ Nice hotel!!

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