Feeling like a Mermaid with La Danza!

Hi Everyone,

For the past 10 days I have been testing out two brand new serum’s by La Danza, a Swiss cosmetic brand. It feels fabulous, not at all greasy yet at the same time lovely and smooth on the skin. Early days yet but I have the feeling I already see visual improvements to my skin texture.

The whole experience made me want to find out more about the active ingredients. Keep reading to find out why I’m feeling like a mermaid with La Danza!


Feeling like a Mermaid with La Danza!

Did you know that  marine ingredients like algae turn up in many cosmetic ingredients and are known for a whole myriad of health benefits for both skin and hair. Perhaps this is why mermaids are so beautiful…

The secret ingredient in the new La Danza Anti-Age serums is Brown Algae which has been  used as an emollient to soften skin and for anti-bacterial purposes.

Benefits of Brown Algae include:

  • hydration,
  • maintenance of skin’s moisture,
  • detoxification and
  • increased elasticity.

The  amino acids in Brown Algae renew tissue and its fatty acids fight inflammation. Additional studies by the Science Daily News suggest that substances extracted from brown algae may also protect against skin cancer caused by excessive sun exposure.

Personal 10 day experience:

For some reason (probably too much travel and changing climates), I actually got a pimple on my cheek ( I thought these things don’t happen after 40, 50?). Since using the La Danza products I noticed this clearing up nicely. My skin also feels smoother. I seem to have a happy feeling when I put these ultra thin products on my skin… looking into the ingredients I found out why.


La Danza Anti-Aging Serum:

  • Organic Lipactive Inca Inchi from an Amazonian plant with the richest known source of omega 3.
  • Hydrasalinol from Salicorne a hardy coastal plant with water and ammonium ion transporters, which protect the plant from dehydration and the high salt content of their environment.


La Danza Cellular Eye Serum

  • Ameliox, a powerful combination of carnosine and the milk thistle compound silymarin that stops the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Pure Hyaluronic Acid
  • MDI Complex (marine based)- reduces the appearance of dark circles.
  • Cetiol Sensoft – has been proven to actually enhance the user’s feeling of happiness. (this seems to have worked for me).


Both products can be bought online here.


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