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One of the things which I really try hard in my wardrobe is to make sure that it is not limited to one look. Just like we feel different each day I also think it is important to be able to express the way we feel a little in our clothing. Having different pieces, some very original and some seasonal fashion items  always gives you the option of creating your own personal fab look not to be copied – smile. This fantastic fitted jacket is one little piece which makes every outfit that little bit more special.

More to the point is one of the MAYER Peace Collection jackets. Not only are MAYER clothes produced in small tailors throughout Germany, they are also made totally out of either recycled or bio-certified material. The objective being to let creative gratitude flow back into society. MAYER also gives parts of their profits to various children projects in Nepal and India.

I loved the feel and fit of this jacket – it instantly felt like it had to belong to me. Having said that though, had I just looked at their catalogue I would have been overcome by my unconscious bias as it definitely does not conform to the usual trendy Zara etc look books.

With this post I encourage you all to go and try on a new piece of clothing that is totally different from anything you would normally wear. Also I can really recommend this lovely MAYER collection to make a difference to your whole wardrobe!

Click on the pictures below to be linked directly to their online shop – and guess what – Mayer was so pleased with me writing this post that she has said anyone who orders online and sends an email to with the code word “FunkyForty” will receive a 10% discount!!! My Christmas present to all my lovely readers 🙂

The jacket I am wearing

Thank you MAYER for making a difference!

Yvonne x

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