Erlenbach Shopping Trip with Detour

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Hope the week has been good to you. In any case this post is bound to make you at least smile.

Last weekend I started a new venture and organised my very first adventure shopping tour. Everything was planned to a tee. We were a small group of 5 in total, just right for consulting. Destination Erlenbach, along the lake of Zurich, was chosen to introduce some new found treasures. Three special shops were on the agenda; Gaporta, Scarpe-Lago and Flanell.

Meeting point 9:30am Burkliplatz…everyone arrived on time and then… Erlenbach shopping trip with detour!

Erlenbach Shopping Trip with Detour

Being super organised I had researched and found out the boat would have no food or drinks on board so I arrived with coffee and special Sprüngli chocolate brioche for all.

Hmm…as we got on board there was a fabulous restaurant with beautifully set tables. I should have gotten suspicious right then. However as the boat started to disembark 5 minutes ahead of schedule I finally asked if it was going to Erlenbach. Too late wrong boat!!!

…and so begins Erlenbach shopping trip with detour…

Thanks to wonderfully helpful boat staff we found out the best alternative was to get off in Thalwil, then wait 50 minutes for next boat to Erlenbach.

As you see my dear shopping girls simply laughed at me and took it in good humour. 50 minutes went by like 2 as we found a coffee spot and got to know each other better. Nothing like a bit of pre shopping bonding – haha!

In any case I promise my next shopping trip I will be wiser and this won’t happen (crossing fingers as I write).

1st Shop Gaporta

There you go, the whole trip made worthwhile by the lovely welcoming apero waiting for us at Gaporta.

Gaby, owner of Gaporta is actually the lady I have to thank for suggesting the other shops in this tour. We met a little while ago as she also stocks one of my favourite brands Ania Schierholt – you may have seen me wearing this on Instagram.

It was lovely watching her work with my shopping girls – getting them to try on new styles. I find Gaporta to be like a magic space with really something to suit every taste. Gaby is great at finding the perfect item for you.

Not just about clothing, Gaby also has a lovely collection of scarves and home linen items.


2nd Shop Scarpe Lago

Famous in Erlenbach for their great selection of shoes you can see where my shopping girls headed as soon as then entered Scarpe Lago.

Currently stocking a great selection of Summer sandals on sale – perfect for anyone heading
to warmer temps these upcoming October holidays…

Also cute sweaters and other trend items to be found…

I personally seem to be having a bit of a leopard moment at present. Love this ensemble by Set.


3rd Shop Flanell

To add a little variety to the tour I chose the wonderful interior design shop Flanell. Here we were once again spoilt with another wonderful apero and super nice goodie bag.

Flanell is one of those shops you walk into and simply want to buy the whole shop. Not one of us could leave without buying something and half of us have a major item on our to shop list…

There is a unique air of perfection to every little corner of the store. Enough to let any mind wander and create wonderful spaces to be replicated in their own home.

Whether you’re on the look out for carpet (like me), something larger or simply smaller decorative items for your home, you will certainly find them here.


Finally catching the train back to Zurich arriving at the main station around 1pm.

All in all a fabulous morning had by all with goodie bags, discounts, apero and great company. I can encourage anyone living in Switzerland to visit Erlenbach for a little shopping – smile!

FunkyForty (me) will be having more shopping adventure tours going forward. If you wish to join simply write to me at



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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Hello Yvonne. That sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing these superb shops with us. I had to smile when reading about the boat adventure. It just sounded too familiar. I have managed the same kind of detour on the same lake. And……I had planned ahead as much as you had. Have a fantastic weekend! Lieske

    1. Haha so glad this sort of thing doesn’t just happen to me. The boat staff were laughing at us so hard we became quite infamous as a group;-)

      Would you like to join my next shopping trip?


  2. Fantastic shopping trip. We had a lot of fun and Yvonne is great at finding the right clothes to suit you. Flannell has loads of fantastic things – must go back soon.

  3. Hi Yvonne. I would love to join you on one of your upcoming shopping excursions. I live in Meilen and we also have some great stores here. Kind regards. Ursula

    1. Hi Ursula, Fabulous I will make sure to let you know when the next one is happening. Meilen would also be a fun destination… just have to catch the right boat – haha;-)


  4. the shopping trip sounds really very much of fun and also getting on the end a present is for sure a big bonus love it xxx

  5. Fabulous post !! Looks like a wonderful time !

    Love the leopard skirt 🖤💛
    And the hoodie with Grace on the front 👌👌👌

  6. This trip with Yvonne and the shopping girls was great fun! We got to see even more of the beautiful lakeside than planed an went to great shops, that we would never have found alone! Truely recomendable this kind of trip,
    thanx Yvonne!
    Love, Tina

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