Emerging Talents Milan – Showcasing Fall/Winter 21/22

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Fall/Winter 21/22 Fashion Week is currently in full swing in Milan only this time it’s  very different. Almost all fashion houses have opted for the digital show version. However Emerging Talents Milan decided the show must go on and so it did on Tuesday evening in the Palazzo Visconti, Milan.

Emerging Talents Milan supports skilled designers to create the right network leading to fashion business development. Since 2016 they have discovered and supported around 80 brands from 30 countries.

One of the very special features of the shows is that real wearable pieces are showcased. Six different designers were on the agenda this year –  Lokomotiva, MarcCain, Perfect Population by KL Allen, Murrii Quu Couture, Menniti and Otkutyr Fashion House. Most being names I had never heard of before.

The looks shown here may well be a good representation of the true trends for next Winter. For example, the yellow in picture above is a colour also featuring large in this season’s Prada show. Emphasis placed on different fabric textures and vibrant colours as opposed to  pattern mixtures. You can’t go wrong with monochrome going forward. Having said that there is still a touch of floral and hint of animal print to be seen.

Keep scrolling for a pictorial look at “Emerging Talents Milan – Showcasing Fall/Winter 21/22”

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Emerging Talents Milan – Showcasing Fall/Winter 21/22

  1. Lokomotiva

Lokomotiva is a slow fashion brand based in Zagreb, Croatia. I love the bio fo the designer herself – see here.

Also check out her online store here.

My favourite of this season was the pink tartan coat:


2. MarcCain

Marc Cain is a name many of us have heard of before. Starting out with knitwear in 1973. The company has come a long way since.


Absolutely love this bold colour combination.


3. Perfect Population

“Perfect Population was created in 2011, creating a modern day line that infuses elements of 1950s style, present day trends, and a futuristic aesthetic. ”

Check out the online store here.


4. Murrii Quu Couture

Murrii Quu Couture is a semi sustainable label.  Existing garments are deconstructed and refashioned into high-end evening gowns, with a red-carpet appeal.

It is funny for me to read this as looking at the dresses reminded me of an old favourite of my Mum’s from the 60’s which I too used to wear when going out in the 80’s.

Said by the Australian designer Cheryl Creed herself:

“My designs are inspired from materials of pre-loved garments, recreated and meshed to evolve into works of art, expressing feminity and passion.  I don’t follow trends, my designs are of my own aesthetic perspectives. My goal is to create an exclusive and unique black gown for each wearer to freely express who they are at the core, drawing on their independent persona to capture their completeness through fashion, exuding character to express one’s story with a calm sense of inner peace and a touch of glamour.”

Creations available online here.


5. Menniti

“The brand itself was founded in 2019, but the ideas and symbols in which it is based and inspired on comes from two thousand years ago. MENNITI’s deep roots in the Southern Italian culture and history offers an international touch and style to its community. MENNITI is a brand made for people that enjoys high-end fashion and is up for exclusivity.”

See online store here.


6. Otkutyr Fashion House

A unique as it is the only fashion house/ showroom into eGulf region.

“OTKUTYR Fashion House is dedicated to presenting the best of local artists on an international level since its grand opening in 2011. By combining the expertise and resources of the fashion house with our designers’ artistic vision, we have been successful in showcasing the best of contemporary Saudi fashion on a global scale.”

With this in mind I am sure you will agree with me that this seasons collection is brilliant!

Stay tuned for more Milan Fashion Week News to come!


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photo taken by dear @Bella_zofia!



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  1. Thanks for this update. Very interesting to see it. I have no idea why MarcCain is an emerging brand as it started in 1973… But I will admit that what MarcCain showed here on the catwalk is very different from what I have seen in the shops.
    The see-through blouses always amaze me. Have you ever seen a woman wear one with bare breasts? I never have.

    1. Haha, that look is reserved for special occasions 🙂
      Must say though, I agree with everything you have written dear Greetje xo

  2. Hi dear Yvonne thank you very much for your blog the Fashion Show is really something new and beautiful thank you again I am looking forwards for some more of your beautiful photos

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