Embarking the Embroidery Trend for Fall!

Hi Everyone welcome to another of FunkyForty’s pre Fall posts!

Embarking the Embroidery Trend seemed a super fitting title as this has got to be one really new trend that’s coming up hot and strong this Fall/Winter… we’re not talking the recycled trend of embroidered jeans (lets face it we all owned a pair in the 80’s right – hehe)…we’re talking genuine top notch embroidered fabric styled in such a way that you can even wear it to the office.

Personally I can’t ever recall thinking of embroidered fabric as being fashionable… I don’t think that my Mothers generation ever thought so either…in fact this sort of fabric has previously been allocated to furniture and furnishings. Exactly that makes this new hot trend extra special – are you going to show the world just how much of a pioneer you are by wearing it this Fall?

DSC_2868 (1)Funky Forty’s fashion prediction is that this is one look that’s here to stay awhile – invest now and you will be top of the trend list for several seasons to come! Hence it was my mission to go and find some in town this week!

DSC_2860 (2)

This is where I confess to falling in love with this outfit found in Essential Antwerp in Zurich. It’s OK to wear embroidery with matching embroidery – I love the fact that this cute A-line skirt comes with a matching knee length coat…

Version 2

Version 2

The trick to making an Embroidered outfit work is how you combine it. Blue and burgundy are such a hot theme and there are touches of each already in the skirt and jacket so I decided to bring out the colours even more with my shirt and boots.

DSC_2879A fur bag has moved status to almost essential in this Fall’s wardrobe and I have certainly fallen in love with this one!


This whole outfit is currently available at:


Limmatquai 70, 8001 Zürich

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Wishing you all a fabulous day!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. I love the skirt and the jacket it looks really nice and has so nice warm colours very nice😘👍

  2. The “embroidery” trend is a tricky one for me to get my head around…
    Part of me loves it (Your coat looks amazing….and the colours are delicious) BUT, part of my thinks of my Nan’s “good” armchair.
    I WANT to love it….but need help.
    Please give me more inspiration Yvonne!
    (the colourway of this duo looks like it could go with just about anything)


    P.S. You are right about it not really being a trend from “back in the day”. Not one that I remember, anyway. Which makes it “new” and therefore more interesting!
    I hope to see one or both of these items again soon.

  3. Yes I have worn furniture cloth in the seventies, but not embroidered (too expensive for me then). I saw this outfit in the Essentiel Amsterdam shop (just opened) and left it there because I am tall and the skirt would be too short for me. The blue of the shirt (held it in my hand) is tricky near my face. And when I saw the jacket I fell in love but decided it would not be a good investment because it is very ostentatious (love that word) and I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear it much. But seeing you in it, makes me think “ohhhh how beautiful!” I bought a long green pencil skirt which looks like a piece of tapestry, a fuchsia top and black sneakers with a big white sole… All by Essentiel. Great minds think alike haha.

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