EJO Cosmetics

EJO cosmetics  is a Swiss made cosmetic line that was created as an inspiration from a book about the Blue Zones of the World. As a consequence containing only  non-toxic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Ingredients which have been identified as essential in the Blue Zones. There are also no harmful chemicals contained in either the creams or serums.

I was assured that I would notice a real change in my skin once I used the EJO range for 3 weeks. I have tried many good creams/serums so I wasn’t necessarily convinced this would be the case. However, when I started using EJO cosmetics I had already had a huge red patch on my neck for at least a month. I had tried many creams – also prescription – however nothing had helped. Amazingly after 5 days of starting using EJO cosmetics the red patch had totally vanished. I was honestly relieved and super impressed!

Every woman has the right to skin that looks and feels beautiful. This is what EJO cosmetics has achieved for me.

I love the fact that it is fairly priced.  Plus that the packaging is simple but beautiful. Containers are made of glass to be eco-friendly. I love the pleasant smell of each of the 4 products. Another added benefit for me is the knowledge that the whole EJO cosmetic range is produced locally in Zurich.