Effortless Spring Home to Office Wardrobe Overhaul

Hi Everyone,

Woop woop the time has come to start thinking about Spring!

Many women are feeling complacent about updating their wardrobe right now. After all why spend the money unnecessarily. Most of the time is spent at home in the same old sweat pants or leggings day in, day out. There is no need for a wardrobe update!


The time has come to pick ourselves up and prepare for Spring! The tulips are out in their full glory a definite indication that we too should join the party! Even adding only 2 new pieces to your wardrobe can really uplift your mood at home.

Todays post is about how to do an effortless Spring home to office wardrobe overhaul. With some great tips and tricks to buying pieces you can wear either at home and still feel cosy, or in the office and look chic.

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Effortless Spring Home to Office Wardrobe Overhaul

I like to choose my home to office clothing carefully and classify them into four major criteria they must meet:

1. Comfort

One and the foremost criteria of this years Spring wardrobe has to be comfort.

Currently wearing black sweat pants combined with a super soft grey sweater (available here) and scarf  for a pop of colour and added cosiness.

Have also started wearing fun Suenia Zurich jewellery combinations at home – just to feel a little special each day. You’ll be surprised what a difference this makes. Even the small comments from my daughter about my jewellery pieces put a smile on my face – guess it really is the little things that matter.

2. Conversion to outdoors

How long it takes to convert an at home outfit to an outdoors outfit is another of my biggest criteria. After all you don’t want to spend half the day changing to simply go to the supermarket and at the same time you don’t want to go to the supermarket looking like a rag. Who knows who you might meet – smile!

I love to simply be able to throw on a coat and boots to my home outfit and know I’ll look dressed for the occasion.

Effortless Spring Home to Office Wardrobe Overhaul

3. Ready for Zoom

Let’s face it most of our lives seem to be spent with online meetings so isn’t it nice to be comfy and prepared for the spontaneous Zoom meeting.

I’m totally in love with this new silky shirt and trouser set. The long cardigan (available here) is brilliant as the layer to add or take off as soon as it gets warmer mid day…. at this stage I know all my friends are laughing at me as apparently I feel the cold more than anyone else in the universe – haha!

Please, please, no matter how tempting do not turn up to your zoom meetings in a simple sweatshirt or scruffy t-shirt. Doing so discounts your professionalism before you even start! The silky shirt looks professional whilst still feeling soft and comfy.


Effortless Spring Home to Office Wardrobe Overhaul

Which trousers do you like best – the ones above or below?

Both have a certain amount of stretch and super comfy partially elastic waistbands. Both available online here.

My tip is that the ones above are great for shorter people like me (162 cm) and the ones below are perfect for those a little taller.


4. Pop of colour

Currently in love with the colour green and ever so pleased with this cute green cardigan (available online here).

Effortless Spring Home to Office Wardrobe Overhaul

On cooler days I walk around with my matching green sweater round my neck like a scarf…

Effortless Spring Home to Office Wardrobe Overhaul

Or simply wear the sweater (available here) by itself…

Effortless Spring Home to Office Wardrobe Overhaul

Which of the looks above is your favourite?


Today’s outfits have all been sourced from an adorable shop just round the corner from where I live – La Tienda.

Andrea took over the shop last year and turned it into the most adorable place to visit, have a chat and coffee and find beautiful quality timeless yet trendy pieces that will last. I love the story that she has a Finance background – just like me. Her Mum has worked in the store for many years and so Andrea basically grew up in the shop. When it was up for sale she felt she couldn’t let this wonderful part of her childhood simply slip away…

Currently all the stores are closed in Zurich but the La Tienda online store is still open and if there is something you are looking for but can’t find you can simply call. Shipping outside of Switzerland also available at extra shipping costs.

La Tienda Uitikon GmbH
Zürcherstrasse 55
8142 Uitikon

Telefon | 044 491 83 84
Email | info@la-tienda.ch


Outfit Details:

Grey Sweater – available here

Sweat pants – similar here

Cashmere scarf – available here

Silk blouse – available here

Long cardigan – available here

Black patterned trousers – available here

White patterned trousers – available here

Green cardigan – available here

Green sweater – available here

Jeans – available here

Jewellery – Suenia Zurich available here

Glasses – Marcus Marienfeld, handmade in Switzerland



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  1. very nice Ideas I love those easy and comfortable styles and I also love your Jumpers they look just so nice and warm thank you for your Blog very interested and something to think about

  2. I haven’t checked the spring collections yet! I guess because it is so cold here. Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love this post Yvonne and how all those wonderful pieces came from a small business ,you are able to support ,right in your neighbourhood…the green sweater set is so pretty

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