Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover!

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The saying goes “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but in reality I should’ve called this post “don’t judge a dress before you try it on”, only that wouldn’t sound as good. Have you ever looked at a dress and thought it was not anything you liked or could imagine wearing and then someone convinces you to try it on and “voila” you are sold on it?

It’s not the first time this has happened to me…

DSC_2351 (1)

Left to my own resources my wardrobe would probably have no patterns and be limited to blue, white and black…fortunately I have good friends and a little sense of adventure that make me go out there and try something new.


Instantly loving the strong but stretchy fabric of this WEAR eponymous dress I was still convinced it certainly wasn’t for me until a friend convinced me to try it on…and then I was absolutely amazed at just how perfect it fitted!


Even the back fits every curve perfectly – that’s a miracle. Don’t think I have another dress  which is able to do this!

I was absolutely sold on this dress the minute I slipped it on – it felt like a super comfy glove (hehe).


Decided it worked well with both flattish sandals and my new cute Charles&Kieth heels.


Then I decided to try it out with fab new Grieder heels bought on sale and little black clutch…


Conclusion: have fallen in love with my new WEAR eponymous dress and can’t wait to try out some more of their fabulous designs!

So how about you? Have you ever had a similar experience? I would love to hear your stories in the comments section below.

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Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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