Discovery Alert – Most Stylish Military Jackets!

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The Military Jacket is going to replace the bomber jacket faster than you think.  Even Vogue agrees with this statement – see here. Based on Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion weeks the Military trend will also feature large next season. In fact I nearly called this post “the easiest way ever to revamp your wardrobe”. Add a stylish military jacket that goes with most of your other items.

Discovery Alert – Most Stylish Military Jackets!

Emphasis here on stylish! Having been on the hunt for that perfect Military jacket with a difference, for some time now it was brilliant to come across The Extreme Collection. With such a beautiful collection of Military jackets in a selection of colours.

I have currently chosen a bordeaux coloured one. Probably due to the slight stretch in the fabric it fits like an absolute glove:





In case you’re in need of a laugh – we took these photos in the little castle where we got married. It’s in Pratteln and we visit there once a year just before Christmas – it’s our tradition. Anyhow realising that the pictures were all inside and not really reflective of the castle itself I suggested we take some photos outside.

This is what happened:


Do you see the castle? Neither do I.  All I had said was lets take pictures outside – never specifying make sure you get the castle in the background! After so many years I just figured he must know what I am thinking – bad move – haha!

Having ordered the jacket online I found detail in the packaging and the jackets themselves to be amazing – have a look at these pictures to see what came to my door:






The extreme Collection started in 1990 in Madrid and is now available in 5 continents  as well as online. Garments are made in Spain using European materials from the most worldly known suppliers. I am totally sold on the perfection in the way they are both made and delivered.


This is a sponsored post but the opinions and words are my own and I am really in love with these jackets – each time I wear one I receive a ton of complements!.

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  1. Yvonne, the jacket looks wonderful on you! I love the color and details. I did smile when you figured ” after so many years he must know what I’m thinking”! Isn’t that the truth though they need lots of guidance!! LOL Have a wonderful day.

  2. Wow, Yvonne! This jacket is absolutely gorgeous. The details are amazing, and it looks fabulous on you. I’m off to look at what else they have. Thanks for sharing your find! xx

  3. I am glad military jackets are in this year because I love them just as much as the bomber jacket. I love your military jacket especially the first one because of its rich color.

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