Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party

Hi Everyone,

With home lockdown now in so many parts of the world it can really start to feel isolated. I personally miss my friends dreadfully. So decided to host a virtual dinner party.

In essence this is super easy all you need to do is agree on a common channel to use such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom  – or I am sure there are numerous others, and a date and time.

However there are little tricks and the small details really count if you want to make the most of your virtual dinner party. Ours last night went over 4 hours and really felt like we were visiting each other. We even placed our screen where our friends normally sit so the view was the same for them.

My friend Nicola suggested we always have this type of dinner party as no one has to drive home then. Needless to say I am having none of this as soon as we can actually visit each other once again!!!

This post is a little unusual as the pictures were taken live with iPhone and always as fast as possible – so please excuse but they give you the general idea.

Keep reading for the full story: “Coronavirus Party – 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party”.


Coronavirus Party – 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party

Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party

5 Tricks:
  1. Test the connection beforehand

The best way to do this is to first test with your partner at home and then agree to start the connection to the party 15 minutes before you are scheduled to eat.

2. Agree on a menu

It’s so much more fun if you are all eating the same thing. The fun thing about a virtual dinner party is both parties can have an input into the menu.

3. Keep the communication channels open during preparation time

We had so much fun sending each other pictures of our prepared food, telling each other what we had prepared already. Just before dinner was about to start I found myself feeling as though I was in a Master Chef class and my preparation time was about to finish… the sweat broke out – hahaha!

We also chatted about what we were going to wear and shared pictures of our tables.

4. Choose a menu that can mostly be prepared in advance 

This saves disruption during the party and makes it much more relaxing for everyone.

5. Drinks

Use this as an opportunity to talk about what you are drinking. We didn’t drink exactly the same but we matched in style and had great fun chatting about the flavours to each other.


What we ate:

Apero – Salmon rolls

Nicola’s recipe and in my haste I didn’t see the word wrap – groan – so my salmon rolls are missing the wrap. I used glad wrap to help me instead:

Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party

Right and bottom are what the rolls should have looked like and left is my version.


Starter – Lambs lettuce salad with egg, bacon and mushrooms

Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party


Main – Chicken in pastry with fresh vegetables

This is my made up recipe which I mostly use the first time someone ever comes for dinner as it is so easy to prepare and always looks impressive on the plate.

You simply place flavoured cream cheese in the middle of a chicken breast. Wrap chicken breast with parma ham. Then take sheets of flaky pastry. Cut two rectangles just big enough for the chicken breast. Place a little grainy mustard on the middle of one cut pastry slice. Then place the chicken on top. Brush the pastry around the chicken with egg yolk. Place second sheet of pastry on top and seal edges with a fork. Brush the top with egg yolk.

Place in a fan oven at 200°C for 20 minutes.

Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party

We had different ways to serve our veggies – Nicola had broccoli and asparagus and added the nice touch of a hollandaise sauce. I had broccoli and beans with warm roasted nuts over mine.

Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party


Desert – Easiest ever chocolate truffle cake.

You’ll find my recipe here.

Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party



Whilst we didn’t drink exactly the same we did pair up what we drank. Each party starting with champagne. Followed by red wine. Steven and Nicola chose a Californian wine first so my hubby chose a wine from the same region. However very fitting for our current situation our wine was called “The Prisoner” – we highly recommend it.

Coronavirus Party - 5 Tricks to the Best Virtual Dinner Party

All in all a fabulous and fun evening together…



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Wishing you all a fun experience!


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  1. I love the Idea of Party and bet you had a marvellous time and better than only watching TV Films etc….

  2. I love how the photo of the drinks seem to be mostly empty bottles! What fun! And amazing food as always, Yvonne.
    Stay well….xxx Rae

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