From Business to Casual in Seconds

Hi Everyone,

Summer is here and if you’re anything like me you really want to make the most of it. However when you work all day it is often simple things like what you wore all day that are going to stop you from enjoying Summer to the full. After all who wants to go to to the lake in a suit?

Todays post is all about the perfect solution to exactly this issue. An outfit that lets you change from business to casual in seconds!

From Business to Casual in Seconds

The Business look:

I know it looks like a jumpsuit, but this little number is actually a shirt and matching trousers. The fabric is super soft and floaty so perfect for the office during Summer.

Best of all though you can scrunch the outfit up into a ball and the fabric still won’t be creased. Yet because of the sleeves and slightly tailored look to the trousers it won’t look out of place in the office either. Depending on your office culture you may decide to wear pumps instead of heeled sandals.

The Casual Look:

As the top is so easy to fold away into a ball, all you need to do is have a little tank top in your bag for after work and voila you already have your casual look.

Hence from business to casual in seconds.


Of course if you have room you could always take a pair of sneakers with you to change into as well. The main thing is to choose an outfit made out of flimsy fabric and then take a tank top or t-shirt with you to change into later. A simple trick anyone can do!


Outfit Details:

Top and Pants – Heine

Tank Top – Ania Schierholt 

Bag – Shein

Hat – Halhuber

Shoes – G31


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Make the most of Summer!


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  1. Um, yes! I was totally fooled into thinking you were sport a very fun jumpsuit (yes to stars and hearts). The striped tank with adorable bag was a great transition. So cute.

    Thank you for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

  2. WOW you really did go from business to casual in seconds. I love the pajama effect of that two-piece suit. It is so flowy yet super sophisticated and dressy, Yvonne. Love the daytime bag.

    I run a style linkup on Thursdays and I’d love for you to join it and share your awesome style with all of my readers. Thanks. Hope to see you there.

    Ada =)

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