Burgundy - Where to find Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding wine plus more

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Isn’t it funny how you can visit a place so many times and still not know all of it’s secrets. This is how I feel about Beaune/ Burgundy.

Just had the most fabulous long weekend discovering new places to eat and even stumbled across the vineyard where Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding wine came from!

If you’re planning a trip to Burgundy one could almost say September is the absolute best time ever. Last weekend was the start of grape picking…so interesting watching the whole process. Of course I couldn’t help but say a friendly hello to the resident pickers…OMG who in their right mind ever goes and does that wearing a pretty white linen dress – haha!

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This post talks about a great restaurant discovery in a 16th century castle right in the middle of Beaune, a fabulous place for wine tasting and lunch (where Prince Harry and Meghan bought their wedding wine) and a few more tips about what to do in and around Beaune.

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Burgundy – Where to find Prince Harry & Meghan’s wedding wine plus more


Olivier Leflaive

This probably sounds totally silly but for years we have been driving around little villages in Burgundy, popping in for the odd wine tasting but never discovered such a fabulous restaurant as this one of Olivier Leflaive. Tucked away in the village of  Puligney -MontrachetBurgundy - Where to find Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding wine plus more

As soon as we were ushered to our table we could tell we were in for a treat…I mean what else could 4 wine glasses mean – smile!

Burgundy - Where to find Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding wine plus more

Let’s start with the biggest surprise of all – the wine we were served first as apero was the very same wine (different vintage) Prince Harry and Meghan served at their wedding.

“the wine (different vintage) Prince Harry and Meghan served at their wedding”

Well if that’s not going to make you feel like Royalty I really don’t know what will…

Here the 2 wines we got to try along with our starter.

We also learnt:

  • Rose bushes are planted at the beginning of grape vine rows to help early indication of diseases.
  • The complexity and taste of the wine is dependant on the soil
  • Where the soil is rich the roots do not need to go deep for water. These vines produce lovely light wines. As with the Auxey-Duresses above.
  • In higher regions (i.e. 450m high), the roots have to travel further for water and this then also adds complexity to the wine. This is the case for the Saint-Roman above.

Fish was served as a main- largely due to the fact that the Puligney area specialises in white wine.

Burgundy - Where to find Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding wine plus more

A lovely red was served with desert and cheese. This was truly  awesome lunch with wine tasting. We will be coming back for sure!


Olivier Leflaive – the hotel

Burgundy - Where to find Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding wine plus moreThere is also a hotel at Olivier Leflaive. Above you see a little of one of the lovely light and newly renovated rooms. Perfect place for a romantic stay away from hustle and bustle of town!

Place du Monument

+33 3 80 21 37 65



La Maison du Colombier

A true experience set in a 16th century castle building right in the centre of Beaune.

La Maison du Columbier is a family run restaurant which oozes true passion throughout. Hard to believe but all pictures above were taken within a timeframe of 10 minutes… I guess the locals like this place too!

I personally loved the nicoise salad (picture on top). Have never had it served like this before and shall try to replicate a little at home – beware family – smile!

The menu is set up in such a way to please every appetite – choose from either a selection of small plates to share or have a regular 3/4 course meal.

The wine card is sensational with over 800 wines to choose from at all categories from Appellation right through to Grand Cru.

The inside is certainly worth exploring. Renovated in such a way that you simply have to imagine what it was like hundreds of years ago.

La Maison du Colombier

1, rue Charles Cloutier – 21200 Beaune
Tél – Email: roland@maisonducolombier.com


Other tips:
The Saturday market in Beaune

Burgundy - Where to find Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding wine plus more

This has got to be my all time favourite market – love all the food, the many bags and even pretty clothes – I would normally never say this about market clothing!!!

Hotels I like:

Hotel de la Poste

Hostellerie Cèdre


Outfit details:

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Another great tip if you want to look up what to do in Burgundy is to check out:




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  1. Very nice and interesting I think if I would live there that would be the place for me to visit I also love the Market it looks very colourful and yummy the Hotel looks also really very interesting and something to find. Thank you for showing and you did a nice job again love it

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