Brigels – Switzerland’s Prettiest Golf Course plus an Adventure Hotel also for Horses!

Brigels Golf

Hi Everyone,

Such a dreamy picture… visiting this wonderful golf course in Brigels certainly left me with some fabulous memories. Not to mention the desire to go back and really learn golfing properly – just in case you hadn’t guessed from the photo that I am not a pro at all – haha!

This was just the beginning mind you. The day continued with an adventurous e-bike tour, followed by cocktail tasting. Not to forget a trip to the stables!

Keep reading to find out more about Brigels – Switzerland’s prettiest golf course plus an adventure hotel also for horses.


Brigels – Switzerland’s Prettiest Golf Course plus an Adventure Hotel also for Horses!

Switzerland’s prettiest golf course:

Brigels Golf

After a mere 2 hours drive from Zurich, ( 30 minutes drive from Flims), I arrived at Brigels Golf . To be honest a little nervous as I was booked in for a 2 hour golf lesson. Having had only one lesson before – a painful experience of being locked into the driving range for over an hour and leaving for home in agony…

Brigels Golf

My experience at Brigels Golf was amazing. Paavo Schaefer is the PGA Professional who gave me my lesson. I learnt so much, not just about golfing techniques but also about how therapeutic a good game of golf can actually be!

This time I really did get to go beyond the driving range and onto the golf course too. Brigels Golf has a separate 3 hole golf course especially designed for beginners. Anyone can play on this mini course, even if you don’t have a handicap!


Happy to report back that I can hit the ball, did manage to play a real hole and didn’t even do too badly – even if I say so myself. Plus got to drive the golf cart round at great speed – well as fast as they will go – haha. No photos as had to concentrate on driving.

Asking Paavo which his favourite golf course in Switzerland was, he tells me that Brigels Golf is certainly the most picturesque.

In total there is a:

  • 9 hole course
  • beginners/ children’s 3 hole golf course
  • driving range

Green fees start at CHF 25 for a half day on the 3 hole course.

For golf lessons contact:

Paavo Schaefer +41 (0) 79 519 16 81 e-mail:


A golf lesson wouldn’t be quite the same without a little fun afterward right – smile!

The food at the golf course restaurant (Ustria Tumpiv) was pretty awesome too… I decided to have dinner there that evening.

Mmmm…local wine, local cheese risotto …

More about the restaurant Ustria Tumpiv here


Adventure hotel also for horses:

Brigels - Switzerland's Prettiest Golf Course plus an Adventure Hotel also for Horses!

After a what ended up being a 4 hour golf lesson, I made my way down to Hotel Mulin.

Love the trendy reception area – the hotel reopened in February 2018 after undergoing a total renovation within 4 months!



Most rooms are identical but this is one of the maisonette rooms:

My room:


E-bike tour:

Once checked into room I was met again by manager Marc. He informs me my e-bike is ready for me. Glancing at the time I say…”5pm, would it not be better to bike tomorrow?”. Of course not, no time like the present.  Marc firmly places a one hour bike tour map to Waltensburg and back into my hands.

Before setting off my one question: “is it steep?”…no of course not. Subsequent lesson learnt – steep has a different meaning if you grew up in the mountains! Just as well it was an e-bike!

I had travelled alone this time and it was the first time in ages for me to go on a bike tour alone. Such pretty scenery – the whole experience made me feel so grateful for everything around and filled me with a whole new sense of inner peace!

More information about special bike stay packages here.

Brigels - Switzerland's Prettiest Golf Course plus an Adventure Hotel also for Horses!


After dinner cocktails:

Special about the Hotel Mulin is that whilst there is no restaurant, they do have a bar and super cosy lounge area that really makes you want to sit down and join the other guests for a nite of chit chat.

Marc is also a certified barkeeper so of course it would have been unacceptable not to sit down and try a cocktail – smile! He also has special bar events such as Gin tasting. See here.

Brigels - Switzerland's Prettiest Golf Course plus an Adventure Hotel also for Horses!



A wonderful buffet of fresh fruits and other local produce with the option of ordering freshly prepared eggs etc.



Last but not least it was time to visit the horses. Samantha is responsible for the horses and also gives riding lessons. She tells me she has been riding since before even walking – smile!

Brigels - Switzerland's Prettiest Golf Course plus an Adventure Hotel also for Horses!

Hotel Mulin is super unique in that you can bring along your own horse too and book it into a beautiful stable for a week.


Taking time out to chill before my drive back to Zurich. This really was a wonderful 24 hours away. There seems to be some sort of magic in Brigels that makes you feel so good and relaxed and definitely want to return!

If you wish to book a stay at Hotel Mulin or find out more click here.


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A little mountain air is good for the soul!


ps: This post was written in collaboration but opinions are my own.


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  1. That must have been quite an exciting experience Yvonne. I had to laugh when I read about the different perspectives of the word “steep”. Even when you know that we all have got a different perspective on the world around us, it can take you by surprise, as it did you this time! Love the photos and the stories Yvonne. It’s a blessing living in a small country that has so much to offer! Love, Lieske

    1. Haha glad you picked up on that Lieske – was so funny. My hubby was laughing his head off as I kept texting him photos of how steep it was… really beautiful place though. If you ever have some time I can recommend a visit. xoxo

  2. Hi Yvonne. I hate to disagree with you and I know that you feel obliged to present the places you feature in your blogg in a most favourable way. But Brigels definitely is not the most pittoresque golf course in Switzerland! It may be one of the most but not THE most. There are quite a few spectacular ones and if you are interested, I can name them. Also, from a golfing point of view, Brigels does not rank very high. Sorry, my Dear!

    Kind regards

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