Bridging the Gap with My Magical Trunk


Hi Everyone,

One of the best things in life is the people we meet along the way. This post is all about the people we meet through our work as influencers. With today’s launch of Bridging the Gap,  200 Influencers have joined forces to take part in an unprecedented campaign for social change.

As women from multiple demographics, we have much to offer one another. We are stronger together! This Fall’s campaign unites each Millennial participating Influencer  with a Midlife Influencer encouraging Reciprocal Mentorship.

My designated Millennial is the lovely Shreya of My Magical Trunk. Coming from Australia she really was the most magical fit!

Keep reading to find out more.


Bridging the Gap with My Magical Trunk

Shreya and I decided to keep things simple for a start by answering 3 questions.

  1. Why did you start blogging?

    I love fashion and I have not come across anyone who doesn’t. You can say I am a fashionista on budget; this is a major reason why ‘My Magical Trunk’ was born. A platform where I want to inspire everyone to be fashionable but without breaking the bank and enjoy it!

2. What is the one thing you like most about Blogging?

Blogging has opened a whole new world for me. The joy of getting to interact with fellow bloggers from all over the world is beyond words, few have become my soul mate is all I  can say.

3.   What is your take on the difference between millennial and women over 40?

Both ends have their fair share of perspective. I feel every stage in life we get to know a bit more about ourselves and we are always in a process of learning. As a millennial, I would say that we look up to the fashionistas over 40  for their experiences, style and elegance while they look up to us as the new gen trend followers. In a way, if we both get to go hand in hand then we get to have best of both the worlds.


Small preview of some of Shreya’s favourite looks:

It has been mega having the opportunity to meet beautiful Shreya through this Bridging the Gap campaign. So fascinating to realise that even though there is a gap in our ages, the mindset is similar!


Link to overall Bridging the Gap site where you can see all participants

Stay tuned for more  Fashion news!

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Cheers to growing stronger together!

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. This is so great on so many levels !!
    For me , I’ve always loved fashion and got my inspiration from magazines , movies etc…now I just go to IG read blogs from women all over the world (mostly Europe) and see what women are wearing right now…I’ve always had my “own style” and as I’ve gotten older I have owned my style…I follow women with interesting and great style (it’s not about wearing fashion brands but style)

    You have great style , Yvonne and seeing the pictures of who you are partnered with , she too has great style Xx❤️

    Sue T

    1. Thank you so much Sue, so lovely – I look forward to writing to you each day on insta and feel like we have become real friends over time.

      Have a lovely day,
      Yvonne xx

  2. Yvonne, I loved learning more about the fashionista-on-a-budget, Shreya! I’m grateful that you found the interaction so rewarding. Thank you for being a part of the campaign!

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