Big Gala Nite at Zurich Film Festival with Bucherer

Bucherer Jewellery

Hi Everyone,

The Zurich Film Festival is one of the most prestigious events held in Zurich each year.  Bucherer, one of the biggest Watches and Jewellery suppliers in Europe are one of the sponsors of the event. This year I was invited by Bucherer Jewellery to attend their gala event. So exciting to be wearing beautiful Bucherer Jewels, with dress from Modissa. Time to be a Princess!

Keep on reading for a recap of the event and some green carpet photos.

Big Gala Nite at Zurich Film Festival with Bucherer

Bucherer Jewellery
Here together with dear friends and fellow influencers Sindi and Morgane.

Early afternoon we met at Bucherer Bahnhofstr. to choose the jewels we would be wearing. They had already done research on my Instagram account and decided my character needed a real statement piece. Voila that wonderful necklace!

Bucherer Jewellery

Note the matching earrings. I really fell in love with them, they made a statement and at the same time were super light and easy to wear.

Bucherer JewelleryBucherer Jewellery

I also fell in love with these playful, delicately feminine pieces. Loving the diamond details. Finding out the trend is to wear fine jewellery. However it is always important to take your personality into account when choosing jewellery. Rose gold is also top on the trend list.

Learning it is OK to wear a mix of different coloured gold at any one time but the real statement still comes by sticking to one colour – especially if it is rose.

I enjoyed the expert advice from Bucherer staff so much that I see another trip to the store necessary just before Christmas – smile!

Here’s the dress in full. Found in Modissa which is such a great one stop shop for any gala/ball event. A simple trip to the 4th floor will take you to the midst of wonderful festive dresses with matching accessories.


The dress came with the matching shawl. Shoes and clutch are also from Modissa.

A little preview of what to expect at Modissa.  I nearly went for red, you will find every colour your heart desires!

Best of all is the expert in-house alteration service. Thinking of everything when it came to making sure the dress fitted just perfectly.

The Film Borg vs McEnroe

We watched “Borg vs McEnroe“, a true story of the 1980s tennis rivalry between the placid Björn Borg and the volatile John McEnroe. An incredibly deep movie which really brings home the passion needed in order to succeed/ be the best. If you get a chance I really recommend you see it too!

Later we were even lucky enough to meet the Director; Janus Metz, Script writer; Stellan Skarsgård and Actor who played Borg; Sverrir Gudnason.

Big Gala Nite at Zurich Film Festival with Bucherer

Listening with baited breath whilst Janus Metz talks about the making of the film.

Finally the green carpet:

Big Gala Nite at Zurich Film Festival with Bucherer

…one happy Hubby!

Big Gala Nite at Zurich Film Festival with Bucherer

Big Gala Nite at Zurich Film Festival with Bucherer


Thank you so much for the lovely evening Bucherer

Thank you to NARS Jelmoli for the great makeup.

Photoshoot David Biedert

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Wishing you a fabulous Tuesday!


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  1. First of all , you look like a princess !
    Absolutely stunning ✨🌹

    I remember watching tennis in the 80’s and those two tennis champions , in particular…I must watch out for this movie !

  2. Oh what a clever idea to choose white! See how you stand out against all the safe black dresses (no offence to your friends, I am sorry. But it is the most chosen colour for evening wear),
    The necklace looks terrific on this dress. The dress is ever so nice, but especially because it has your gorgeous body in it.
    Lovely pictures, lovely outfit, lovely evening, lovely husband.

    1. Thanks so much Greetje.
      I know you always speak your mind so the complement means a lot!
      I also thought it would be goos to have a colour other than black 😉 But the other two look adorable in their black 😉

      xoxo Yvonne

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