The Real Truth to keeping White Sneakers White

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Hi Everyone, this post is a special request from a dear friend of mine in New Zealand xx

We’ve all been there – bought the white sneakers we love, worn them then suddenly, no longer white we feel tatty wearing them – in a desperate measure to get them pristine  we do everything but revive them back to their original whiteness. Sound familiar?

Starting this post by researching what others have written about how to clean your sneakers I realised my methods are totally different and the beauty of age is having had the opportunity to test them all out – hehe.


The left is uncleaned and the right is cleaned – my most amazing white high tops that have been through the biggest puddles in Milan, thunder storms in Paris and still (in my opinion) look amazing and always kept my feet dry – go National Standard (nope not a sponsored post ;-))

The Real Truth to Keeping White Sneakers White:

  1. Prevention better than Cure – with white sneakers – especially canvas the main thing is not to get them too grubby from the start. But if you do then treat the dirty parts as soon as you are home.
  2. Cleaning Soles – use a toothbrush and Jif (Cif), carefully rinsing off the dirt with a little running water as you go and ensuring the dirt isn’t transferred back into the canvas.
  3. Canvas – same as with the soles, important to always only use running water and constantly remove dirt from toothbrush.
  4. Dry in Sun – almost everywhere I read do not dry your sneakers in the sun…well if you have canvas sneakers that is the only place they will truly become white agin. The trick is to leave them one afternoon in the sun and not a moment longer!
  5. White Leather – learnt from ballerinas the trick is to use a clean cloth and cream – both treats the leather and remove stains. Whatever you do, don’t use Jif and running water!
  6. Keeping Shape – the only way to keep the shape of wet canvas sneakers is to stuff them with paper handy towels to dry.
  7. Laces – I always put mine in a special bag in the washing machine with added vanish powder for extra whiteness and they turn out like new.

Best of all of course is to have more than one pair;-)

Here 5 you might like to add to your collection (click on image to buy).

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image1xxl-10 Chuck Taylor Converse Euro 77.46 (I have a pair, mega comfortable, can’t imagine life without them – smile)

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On that note wishing you all a fabulously funky day and looking forward to having you back soon!



Featured photo in this post from  blackrabbit photography  check out her brilliant site!

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    1. Hi Suzy,
      Thanks for the cute comment – now you can go out and get your canvas ones ready for summer – hehe.

      Have a great weekend too XX

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