Best Ever Hair Wellness Evening to Remember

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever dyed your hair at home? I have NEVER EVER done this before! However just recently learnt so much about the new Colour Expert by Schwarzkopf that I simply had to try it out. It’s the very first home colour product to contain Omega-Plex.

Keep reading for a fun account of what happened and to learn some hidden hair truths!

Best Ever Hair Wellness Evening to Remember

It all started with a very good friend of mine and my daughter squished into our little guest bathroom, music blaring.  Lots of laughter as we started the colouring process. One minute everything was beautiful and white and then the next there were bottles and splotches of colour everywhere. But it was worth it – super easy to clean up and the end effect hugely satisfying!

Key points for the best ever Hair Wellness Evening to Remember:
  • Make sure you select friends you can have a real laugh with!
  • Choose your colour carefully – if you wish to totally change colour do consult Schwarzkopf first. Schwarzkopf have a great free hotline number 0800-55-33-22 (for Switzerland)
  • Start at the roots of the hair and then comb it through. See here.
  • For hair roots only, put colour only on the roots part first, then leave for approximately 35 mins before adding the remaining colour to the rest of your hair – this is then left for maybe another additional 10 minutes. The exposure time depends on your desired colour nuance.
  • This is the one time it pays not to be a fashionista – wear old clothes!


The 1-2-3 to colouring hair:

Each Schwarzkopf Color Expert box contains the following (including plastic gloves)

To be used in 3 easy steps:

2 Days before starting you need to do a little allergy test by placing a little colour from the black tube on the inside of your arm and leaving it there for 45 minutes.

Step 1: Wearing plastic gloves add the tube contents to the plastic bottle along with the omega-plex and shake well. Apply to hair and leave 30 – 45 minutes. Note if dying roots like I was, colour only the roots first, leave for 35 minutes. Then colour the remaining hair and leave for another 10 minutes – make sure to read the packaging for more detailed instructions.

Step 2: After rinse hair thoroughly, apply conditioner and then rinse through again.

Step 3: Three Weeks later apply the special repair treatment to your hair.

Warning once you’ve had a hair colouring party at home you may never go back!

Click here for a Fun clip

I remember for some time now each visit to the hairdressers my hairdresser would rave about this wonderful new hair colouring technology containing Omega-Plex.  Omega-Plex is  great for preventing heart disease so I was curious to learn what it can do for your hair.

6 Proven Positive Effects of Omega-Plex on Your Hair:
  1. Strengthens and protects from damage
  2. Strengthens the micro fibres in your hair structure
  3. Up to 90% less hair breakage in comparison to untreated hair
  4. The hair is less porous giving it water repellency
  5. Easier to comb tangled hair
  6. Longer lasting hair colour


Before and After:

Our hair felt super smooth afterwards. really easy to comb through the wet hair and even one week later we still notice a shinier finish!

One week later:

Why not try it out yourself!

This post was done in collaboration with Schwarzkopf but contents and opinion are all my own. More information here.


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. I have colored my hair a few times at home when I was younger and it worked pretty well. I love the Schwarzkopf brand so I would definitely try this out, especially for healthier hair hehe!

    PS – you all look great. You have such nice hair Yvonne 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Dale.
      I am having a laugh at myself from the comments – apparently I’m the only one who never dyed their hair at home when they were younger. My Mum still does hers at home…

      I have to admit to being really surprised at how well the home dye really worked.

      xoxo Yvonne

  2. How have you gotten to this age and never coloured your hair at home??!
    I only get it done at a salon now, though, because I’m too scared of messing up my white shower tiles.
    I hairdresser friend of mine says that Schwarzkopf is the best brand for home
    That’s a great colour on you for Summer!

    1. Thanks Raewyn 😉

      Well you know how paranoid I am about ruining stuff and getting it dirty but I was really positively surprised at how easy it all washed away – OK though we did most over the bath tub with running water – smile!

      I think going forward I will prob keep on colouring myself every second time or so – huge saving and the hair really does feel great.

      xoxo Yvonne

      PS: I am on my way to NZ as I write this!

  3. LOL I love the clip, Yvonne!!! Before I stopped dying my hair altogether (about 5 or 6 years ago) I used to dye my hair, sometimes in the salon, sometimes at home. The problem was I have so much hair that I used to need about two boxes! Plus, I’d get my hubby to do it which was always fun (I am so being sarcastic right now lol!). You gals look like you had a total laugh!!
    Suzy xx

    1. Haha… I can just imagine getting my husband to do this…as in not 😉 But it was great fun with the gals!!!

      I honestly am super pleased with how the colour stays – I used to only mesh my hair but think I will convert to this colour now.

      Yvonne xxx

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