Best Ever Denim Styling Tips for 2016

Denim is huger than ever this year – an absolute must in everyone’s wardrobe…looking back I now can’t believe that I once actually went through a stretch of about 5 years without a single piece of denim in my entire wardrobe – have you ever gone through a phase like that??? Please do tell me I’m not the only odd one here – smile.

In any case this year the wardrobe will be brimming with denim – such a versatile fabric which can be worn all seasons and goes with everything.

Check out 8 Denim Styling Tips for 2016:

1) Denim with Denim

Just like the suit rule of like with like, wearing a denim top with matching bottom is tip top!DSC_0812


2) Layering

You can layer as much denim on top of each other as you like this year – I can imagine that even adding a denim jacket to the look below would be worth a try 😉




3) The Simple look with Frayed Bottoms:

The classic simple sloppy T-shirt with jeans remains perfect for 2016. If you don’t have a pair of frayed bottom jeans in your wardrobe yet – now is the time to go out and get a pair….and nope, doesn’t matter what age you are these look good on everyone. If you are conscious about this look go for a darker denim.


4) Roll up or Cuff

Fantastic – finally a remedy for smaller people (like me) – this year cuffed and rolled up jean legs are hot!



5) Add Strips

This goes along with a previous post “Stripe Your Way intoSummer” – Stripes and Denim are top in 2016! Love the following shirt which I decided was fun to wear both tucked in and out!




6) Accessorise 

Hats, Bags and Broaches – this year is all about them… check out how different the outfit in #1 above looks with hat and bag added:


DSC_0811 Not to mention the difference a simple little broach can make:


7) Ballerinas

Last year it was all about chunky and gladiator shoes and the chunky are still here but ballerinas are making their come back this year and are brilliant for completing that perfect denim look!


8) The Dress

Is this a styling tip – I’m not sure but one thing for certain is that EVERY woman’s wardrobe needs a denim dress this year! They are as versatile as it comes – wear them as is, team them up with a long sleeved shirt, or T-shirt and jeans (as shown above), or even with a classic blazer for the office. It’s worth investing in a good quality one!


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…any favourites? Feel free to leave your comments 😉



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