Behind the Scenes of Parcel Delivery – DPD

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Buying online is the current ever growing shopping trend, whether we like to admit it or not. This week I was lucky enough to be invited to the DPD Zurich depot to see what really goes on behind the scenes. Have you ever wondered what the future of package delivery services looks like?

Keep reading for a behind the scenes look and some astonishing plans for the future.

Behind the Scenes of Parcel Delivery – DPD

Upon arrival I was actually surprised at the stringent security before being allowed to enter the premises, but I guess it makes sense doesn’t it. After all we don’t want our parcels to go missing do we!

Imagine DPD (Schweiz) AG currently sends 65’000 parcels each day, with a trend that’s only increasing. Watching the conveyors throughout the building reminded me of waiting for luggage at the airport.

With 900 employees, a 10% share of the Swiss market, 8’800 clients and 400 pick up parcel shops. Don’t you just love the Swiss touches. Spot the huge cowbell!

In Switzerland Fashion is the number one good purchased online, closely followed by books and then shoes.

Each of the 65’000 parcels requires personal attention.

Carbon Neutral Commitment

DPD is committed to making every parcel they deliver carbon neutral. This is achieved through:

  • An increased use of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Solutions such as Predict or Pickup instead of delivery
  • Financing renewable and cleaner energy production projects.
A future with Drones

Can you believe the 1st worldwide regular commercial line & 1st drone locker station already exists – in France. More are planned in the pipeline with an emphasis on covering rural areas difficult to reach by road.

The future for You and I

DPD’s top management are totally client focused. Always thinking of new ways to make our parcel experience more enjoyable!

Gone are the days of waiting at home for our parcels to arrive! Going forward we’ll be able to stipulate a time and place up to 15 minutes prior to delivery – amazing! You can even choose to have your parcel delivered at a restaurant whilst having lunch… I can’t wait for this to be available!!!



A big thank you to DPD for having me!

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  1. That is what I call progress and something to look forward to thank you for giving such a very interesting insight in the parcel delivery.

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