Beauty making a difference – Miss Earth Schweiz

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Have you ever heard of Miss Earth Schweiz? A couple of months ago I- along with 9 other bloggers –  was invited by Bonprix (a major sponsor) to meet the 2017 Miss Earth Schweiz candidates. At the time they were coming to the end of a one week boot camp at Baur Fritz – a super pretty farm in central Switzerland, great for farm stays for groups and families.

Each blogger got to choose one candidate to support and I’m super excited!

Beauty making a difference – Miss Earth Schweiz

Official photo of 2016 Miss Earth Schweiz Finals

The idea behind Miss Earth Schweiz is more than just beauty. It’s about combining beauty with sustainability and having a conscious interest in making the world a better place.

This years finalist will be chosen in Lausanne on Saturday 28th January. There are limited  tickets available here or alternatively you can choose to watch it on Swiss TV.

My chosen candidate – Cléa Formaz


Cléa is a real natural beauty. I love her story of being discovered whilst shopping in Zurich. Sometimes things are just meant to be. From being signed up to a modelling agency to then being asked to be a candidate for Miss Earth Schweiz it was a journey she had previously never dreamed of but I personally think she would make the perfect Miss Earth Schweiz.

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Education is Power:

Born in Switzerland Cléa studied at the University of Arizona finishing with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration in December 2014. An experience for which she is so grateful she decided to help others less fortunate than herself also get a better education.

In her own words:         ” In my opinion education is power to find your passion and execute your potential. Education is the power needed to exit from poverty. I have experience as a  volunteer teacher in both Thailand and Kenya. The children I taught were so thankful to learn English I could see the joy in their eyes. One of them told me he wants to become a TV reporter when he grows up and in order to do that he needs to speak English. Another one wants to become a teacher herself… These kids are full of potential, so let us give them the chance to execute it.”


Work Life Balance and the Power of Nature:

Working as a Business Consultant for one of the big 4 consulting firms in Zurich Cléa leads a busy life, believing in nature as the greatest healer of stress.

In her own words:     “Knowing that our ressources are limited, I think that the very first step is going outside and enjoying mother nature. I would like to bring people close to nature, to move outside, to enjoy it and to give nature a value.”


Cléa as you’ll see her during a typical lunch break in Zurich.


Believer and Fighter:

In her own words:         “Tree of Life: I know life gets difficult sometimes and we all fall many times. However, if we fall 10 times, let us get up 11 times. Let us not give up on our dreams, because they are worth fighting for. Life is like a tree: Let us find, live and execute all our passions like brunches of a tree and never ever give up on ourselves.”


Truly inspired after meeting Cléa, we’ve become real friends in the mean time. Her zest for life and passion to help others is so admirable. I am certain that she would be a beautiful Miss Earth Schweiz, making a sustainable difference and brilliant ambassador.

You can read more about her time in Arizona here or follow Cléa on Instagram.

To recap: This years Miss Earth Schweiz finalist will be chosen in Lausanne on Saturday 28th January. There are limited  tickets available here or alternatively you can choose to watch it on Swiss TV.


Small gallery from our meeting at Baur Fritz together with Bonprix:

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    1. Thanks Nicole – yes I am truly hoping she wins but know either way she will always be doing something to make the world a better place – so admirable!

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