Bad Taste Day Survival!

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We’ve all had them haven’t we… those days when you get up in the morning put on an outfit. It feels wrong, try again and the same happens. Look through that wardrobe and suddenly it seems as though, despite it being completely stuffed with clothes… you have “nothing to wear”!

I will confess this happened to me only last week as I went downstairs ready to go out to an event wearing this:

Version 2

My daughter looked up at me in shock and horror saying I could not go out of the house looking like that. Personally I thought I had nicely combined different patterns to create a look that was in tow with what I saw during fashion week.

Anyhow, confidence moved right down to my little toe and upstairs I went – frantically taking a selfie and texting a fashionista friend of mine….the reply came back…jeans!

OK I can do that – this is what happened:

blackrabbitphot_yvonne 4_finals-10 Looking in mirror I simply couldn’t go out like that either – decided jacket too short and wearing that bulky top underneath was seriously unflattering!

…and then I remembered my favourite goto jacket for Spring – yippee!

The final result:blackrabbitphot_yvonne 4_finals-12 The spring came back into my step (haha).

blackrabbitphot_yvonne 4_finals-11

Jeans – eclectic, Jacket – vintage (this seasons goto jacket here), Top – vintage (this seasons pick), Shoes – Zara

Does this story sound similar to you? Looking at the photos now I still think that outfit number one wasn’t that bad – probably not what alot of people would wear but really not “that” bad – smile!

Bad Taste Day Survival Tips:

  1. Have at least one goto item that you can wear to solve most outfit issues.
  2. Have a great fashionista friend on tap to text (my favourite – smile).
  3. Believe in yourself – if you get dressed and like the way you look don’t listen to what someone else says (I am still learning this).


—oh finally what was the Event? It was a Globus Indochina evening – quite exciting news as towards the end of this month Globus in is bringing us in Switzerland the feeling of Indochina without having to make the long journey! getimage

Christian Ulrich – Globus Food Merchandising Manager

Be sure to try out one of their great raw sugar drinks with several of these machines to be found outside their shops this Summer.


All photos of me in this post from  blackrabbit photography  check out her brilliant site!

Wishing you all an awesome “non bad taste” day!




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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, next time I shall try harder to simply go with the style I create and ignore the comments whilst walking out the door – smile.
      Have a lovely weekend too.

      Yvonne x

  1. haha I love this story Yvonne because I can relate to getting dressed and have my husband saying the same as your daughter. But I actually did really like your first outfit and think it would have been perfect in California, but I know Zürich can be more conservative so everywhere is different. Your leather jacket is so cute!! Hope you have a great weekend


    1. Thanks Dale, comforting to know it’s not just me this happens to – but I love your style so can’t imagine you ever getting it wrong 😉

      Yvonne xx

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