AQVAROSSA is a Swiss Luxury fashion label for both men and women, founded in Zurich by Christine Losser and her team.

What started as a student exchange period in Peru and a love of alpaca wool has now become AQVAROSSA – a curation of timeless outerwear pieces, knitwear and accessories.

Conscious Creation is key which means that they are mindful of the process every step of the way. Respecting the people and animals who play a part in helping their products come to life.


For  silk accessories, they rely on a traditional family business near Como.

Chunky knit sweaters are also produced by a carefully selected family business.


There are only about four million alpacas worldwide, and the animals are sheared only once a year. Accordingly, their wool is exclusive and expensive. The many nuances of its wool from white to brown and grey to black result in a wide range of natural colours.


The fibre of the gods – this is the name of the finest animal fibre in the world. The vicuña is the petite relative of the alpaca. Its fur not only has all the outstanding properties of alpaca fibre, but is even softer and more exclusive. Fortunately for the animals, their wool is more valuable than their fur in the long term. Meaning that a sheared vicuña is also a rescued vicuña, since it’s less likely to be affected by poaching.


This elegant Austrian functional fabric has a long tradition: even in the early Middle Ages, the farmers appreciated its weather resistance and breathability in field work.

AQVAROSSA sources loden from a family-owned company in Austria that complies with the highest quality standards. The merino wool used is Woolmark certified.



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