An Ego Bike Date around Lake Constance

Hi there, hope the holiday season has started off well for you!

The other day I was in seventh heaven as my daughter said she would like to do a Mother/ Daughter excursion again and at the same time ego movement contacted me to see if we would like to test their e-bikes!


Picking up our bikes we declared our intention of cycling around Lake Constance. Three countries in 2 days has a certain appeal to it don’t you agree?

We took the train from Zurich – Romanshorn ready to start our tour.


Dressed in bright colours to make sure we’re easily seen even though the bike paths are great and mostly quite separate from any road. The signs on the Swiss side were super easy to follow – we simply drove along route 2 the whole way.

IMG_4252 Super picturesque riding leisurely through pretty farms, along the lake…

IMG_4256 spectacular views…

IMG_4260and through very welcome shady tree tunnels…

The bikes were an absolute dream – even though we were super careful about using power as we’d been told we had enough for a max of 60km before they needed to be reloaded…so we drove large sections manually and then once in Austria turned on our power for the final stretch…

Having so much fun casually zooming past all other bikers knowing soon we would be at our stop for the night,  Lindau Island… the great thing too was that even though I actually cheated and had my bike power on most of the way I still had over half my power left after  cycling 60km plus that day, (including the trip from home to Zurich railway station).

Arriving on the island was like stepping into a totally different world full of quaint little shops and alley ways.

IMG_4315We discovered the most super cute Boutique Hotel Adara, right in the middle of town. The building dates back to the 13th century and has recently been renovated ever so carefully ensuring all the old charm is maintained and no modern conveniences lacking…(ok, air conditioning will be ready end of this week so we just missed that).

Official Hotel Picture

IMG_4277Each of the rooms is different – this was ours (number 7)…


Version 3Showered and dressed ready for dinner..

IMG_4290A well deserved apero – smile!

IMG_4297Beautiful sunset spotted on after dinner walk.

The next morning we decided to have a look around this little treasure island before starting our cycle.

IMG_4310Much to my daughter’s delight the island was full of fabulous book stores – can’t believe she managed to con me into buying one, adding more weight to my bike!!!

IMG_4360The old prison tower – so pretty from the outside but in it’s day it wasn’t too comfy!

IMG_4326The Harbour with famous Bayern Lion and Lighthouse which you can even climb up!


For more tourist information about Lindau Island see:

or for booking trips try: Tripadvisor Lindau Island

IMG_4363Ready for our cycle – to be honest I had the most horrid cold when we left and cycling 60+ km in one day didn’t help so we decided to take it easy and simply cycle to Friedrichshafen  from where we took the boat back to Romanshorn and then train to Zurich.

The signs on the German side are (for me) a little more difficult to follow so after a few dud starts at overtaking professional racing cyclists and then meeting up again due to being confused, we decided to relent and simply cycled with them – averaging 26km/hr the whole way to Friedrichshafen – even managing to chat and find out all about other exciting cycle routes in French Burgundy on the way! Not bad with a cold – all thanks to my lovely bike motor (hehe).

IMG_4368Bye bye Friedrichshafen, see you again some time!


Conclusion about ego movement e-bikes:
  • It’s OK to have an e-bike as you actually do still have to work for your trip – esp if intending on covering longer distances.
  • The only way to go for cycling uphill.
  • Loved being able to sit upright and not have to bend over like you do on racing and mountain bikes.
  • Loved the lush comfy leather seat and handlebars.
  • Super easy to remove the battery and load up again.
  • Based on experience I think you can – if you stay on no.1 power – certainly get more than 60km worth of power out of one trip.
  • The only contra is that they are heavier than other bikes but this also had a plus to it as it made you feel more secure and stable too.

I tested an ego and truly fell in Love!

You too can book your free trial here!

Feeling inspired to go on a ego bike tour?

Wishing you all a fab rest of day!


All photos – except where stated taken by i-phone (no space for camera on bike tour)

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. What a great trip(except of course your cold). Beautiful scenery. I also can ride 60km on my bike but when there is a strong wind in front of me, it is much less! Austria is beautiful,don t you think so! The Nature, the Mountains, the food! I hope feeyou areling better!

    1. Thanks Nancy 😉
      Yes, Austria is awesome – super pretty!
      Went to doctors finally yesterday and got anibiotics so am on the up – haven’t been this sick in ages!
      Have a lovely day!

      xx Yvonne

  2. It sounds you had lots of fun, only a shame that you were not feeling well. 👍👍😀❤️😘😍

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing your lovely photos. This sounds like such a fun adventure to have shared with your daughter!

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