Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

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Wow have just had the most amazing two days in Zermatt staying at the Mont Cervin Palace Hotel. I never realised so much could ever be packed into a mere two days. My mind is still spinning. Memories of Cinderalla carriages, cutest ever electro mobiles, an amazing helicopter flight and  reaching vast heights in Europe’s highest cable car.

So many think of the Swiss mountains as being Winter vacation resorts, but Summer can be even more fun – smile!

As a special treat there is a VIDEO that gives you a lovely picturesque summary of the highlights – SEE HERE.

However for anyone thinking of visiting Zermatt – a place that should be on every bucket list, this post has plenty of tips and links to make your stay as perfect as mine was!

Keep reading to find out about an amazing 2 days Zermatt – Mont Cervin Palace and much more.


Amazing 2 Days Zermatt – Mont Cervin Palace and Much More

For those of you that have never been in Zermatt, it is a total car free zone. Arriving from the train I was picked up in the Mont Cervin Palace Hotel’s romantic horse and carriage. Talk about starting a trip feeling like a princess!


Where I stayed – Mont Cervin Palace

Mont Cervin Palace is a wonderful 5 star family run and owned hotel. The story of how Alexander Seiler, son of a peasant, started his hotel career in Zermatt is magnificently inspiring – full story here.

A little room tour…

The attention to detail is what really impressed me. Nothing left forgotten, from the Nespresso coffee machine right through to the hotel’s very own house chocolates…

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

The Moet was such a lovely surprise after dinner…. as a treat I took mine home to share with Hubby the next evening – smile!

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

Back to the details… love the soap story. Mont Cervin Palace is one of 27 premium members to support SapoCycle, a non-profit organisation that collects discarded soaps in hotels and turns them into life-saving products. More info here.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

Stunning view from my balcony.

The bar…

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

Enjoying a gin tonic in the  hotel bar… look at the colour of this awesome new limited edition @moevenpickwein COMPLEO gin from Zurich. I’ve never had a RED gin before… so many amazing flavours…

With such a nice balcony it would be ashamed not to use it for apero – smile!

Back to the bigger bar area. There’s something about this room that just makes you want to take a seat and while away a few hours…


Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

“Le Restaurant”

When staying at the hotel there are 6 different dining options to choose from. Pictured above is my dinner at the beautiful restaurant “Grill le Cervin”.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

A small peek into the pool of the lovely spa area…

see here for more about treatments available.


Day 1-Hiking from the Gornergrat

On day 1 the first fabulous thing after arriving at the hotel was taking the train up direction Gornergrat and then walking down to the pretty Riffelsee.

Rottenboden – Riffelberg 3km.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

An easy walk. My dear guide even did it in his regular work shoes. Not sure if I would recommend this though.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

This day the clouds were covering the Matterhorn. It felt like we sat here for a very long time trying to blow the clouds away… (note new shoes from on-running – smile)

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

We obviously did a good job as the next day the whole of the Matterhorn was to be seen in full glory – as you can tell from the first picture of this post.

Imagine what the reflection on the lake would look like when the Matterhorn isn’t covered in clouds!

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

From the Riffelsee we walked to the Riffelberg stop, then took the train to Riffelalp where another sweet tourist train waited and took us to the Riffel Alp Resort for lunch

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

Next Summer visit I think I would like to do the Hanging bridge walk – that also looks super! For those of you that don’t like hiking there are also bike trails or you can even rent a Mountain Cart.

More information about Gornergrat and other hiking trails here.


Day-2 Helicopter ride with Air Zermatt

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

OMG if there is one thing you simply have to do in Zermatt – at least once in your life – it would have to be a helicopter ride up to the Matterhorn itself with Air Zermatt.

For me it simply was the most amazing way ever to start the day. What surprised me most was just how many people were on top of the Matterhorn (4’478m high). Statistics say over 500 people have lost their lives climbing the mountain – an average of 5 per year but the average has been decreasing since the 1980’s.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

These photos tell all. You can see how happy I was to have been up in the helicopter and even happier to have been able to have a little pit stop half way…Note the Grether’s pastels – I spotted these limited edition tins recently and felt they were ever so fitting for this little mountain adventure – smile! “Not without my Grether’s”

Sweatshirt also from the new on-running collection.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

A few more pictures, giving you an indication of just how close we got to the mountain!

For more information and bookings see here.


The Highest 3S Gondola in the World

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

Having started the day on a bit of an adrenalin trip, the next task was to get to the top of the Klein Matterhorn. From the hotel I walked to Furi. Passing by some very cute traditional Zermatt houses en-route.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

From Furi there’s a cute gondola that takes you all the way to the Trockener Steg (2’939m). This is where the real fun starts with the new cable car that has only been in action since Winter 18/19.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

A bit of the view on the way up.

Fun facts of the new gondola (pictured first)… the design is Pininfarina and seats are inspired from Ferrari and Maserati cars. It takes only 9 minutes (the whole trip from Furi took close to an hour each way).

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

If you pay an additional CHF 10 you get a real “Crystal Ride” gondola. Part way up the glass bottom unclouded and you see right to the very bottom… soooo cool. OK truth – going up I was a little scared as I was all alone in the gondola. But by the time I was on my way down I already thought this was simply the coolest thing out!

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

View from the very very top.

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

First things first – time for a plate of fries to warm me up before taking the lift down into the Crystal Palace…

Amazing 2 Days Zermatt - Mont Cervin Palace

Look at the amazing sculptures… the feeling of walking in an actual glacier crack was totally freaky for me. Especially as there was almost no one else there. Talk about going out of my comfort zone, but boy was it worth it!

I think my main message would be everyone comes here in Winter but it’s actually almost more fun to experience it all in Summer!

More information here.


Hope you all enjoyed amazing 2 days Zermatt – Mont Cervin Palace and much more.

Thank you so much for having me, I left feeling totally in awe and wanting to come back!


For Bookings contact:

Mont Cervin Palace

Bahnhofstrasse 31

CH-3920 Zermatt

Tel. +41 27 966 88 88

Fax +41 27 966 88 99


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  1. I booked already iff I only could oh well it has to wait then I am to far away but I think you did an very interesting Job and love all those nice and beautiful photos so nice thank you

  2. Thank you Yvonne for your visit here in Zermatt and in our hotel. We are glad that you enjoyed your stay with us and the experiences in Zermatt. We are looking forward to welcome you during the winter season so you get a impression of both seasons 😉

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