Almost Emily in Paris

Almost Emily in Paris

Hi Everyone,

There’s something about todays little black dress that makes me feel distinctly Parisian.

Originally I was going to showcase how to wear this dress with colour. Intending on  making it look like something totally different than a simple little black dress. Then it dawned on me that  this dress really deserves to be showcased as is. After all there is nothing more chic than styling black with care.

Todays post however is really about a relatively new, online based fashion label Manyara. The perfect place for a number of pretty timeless little black dresses. Also a good place to find good quality, reasonably priced, comfortable corporate staples.

Keep on reading to find out more about “almost Emily in Paris”. Right at the end are a couple of my favourite tips about styling black.


Almost Emily in Paris

Almost Emily in Paris

Currently many of us are working from home rather than going into the office. The corporate wardrobe is no longer given the same importance as before. Often put aside and replaced with comfy sweaters and track pants.

Many stores seem to have adapted their purchasing strategy accordingly. Corporate clothes are no longer quite as easily found.

However many studies have shown that maintaining a certain corporate look – also for home office – improves productivity. Not to forget the different impact  on Zoom meetings.

If you’re currently guilty of having the permanent tracksuit uniform you really might like to look here for a little comfy but chic inspiration.


Almost Emily in Paris

Manyara has been lovingly created by Katarzyna Konieczniak to offer women a style that is both feminine and elegant right when you need it.

The collection consists of classic cuts that can be worn for years. Only high quality European fabrics are used. Huge emphasis is placed on sustainability throughout the production line.

To top off the benefits – the price points are very fair and affordable.

Almost Emily in Paris

Almost Emily in Paris

Tips on styling black:

Wear nude coloured tights to make the dress pop out more.

Adding a red or white accessory will also make your black outfit outfit pop.

Almost Emily in Paris


Do check out the Manyara online store for more styles including coat dresses, midi dresses and a couple of skirts to round of the collection.

At this stage the online shop delivers to Switzerland.




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