Ahoi 5 Insider Tips for Hamburg Neustadt

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Last week I was lucky enough to spend a couple of nights in Hamburg. A city I will always refer to as a second home as this is where my Mum was born. One of my favourite things about the city is the people and their dry sense of humour! The most important word you need to know when visiting Hamburg is “Moin” as this is how the locals great each other! Not to say “Moin” back would be very unfriendly.

If it’s your first trip to the city and you’re looking for the regular tourist hotspots I would always recommend checking out TripAdvisor – link to Hamburg here.

However if you are a little like me and like to discover a little more of a city than the regular tourist spots, then this is the perfect post for you!

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Ahoi 5 Insider Tips for Hamburg Neustadt

Firstly let me introduce Hamburg Neustadt. Funny enough this is the very centre of the town so nothing to do with being new as the name would imply. Neustadt was originally famous for its many “”Gang” (low class, shady) quarters with narrow alleys.  Today it houses some of the most beautiful buildings and expensive shops.

The Neustadt is also nestled along the Alster and where many of your regular tourist attractions are – see here.

However like any city there is a lot to be discovered behind the scenes…


1. Der Bocksbeutel – unique wine bar nestled in the Colonnaden

This is where you’ll find Hamburg’s most interesting locals chatting away whilst drinking wine from Franconia.

Founded in 1975 as a secret spot for enjoying Franconian wine in Hamburg. To this day it remains one of Hamburg’s best insider tips. A great place to visit after a trip to the Theatre or Staatsoper or to simply people watch. Apparently many business people come here to finalise their dealings…


2. Tempel – Designer Boutique

I guess you won’t be surprised when I tell you I stumbled across this store by chance… Only to be told by a local that it has been famous for years as being one of the hot spots in Hamburg for finding fabulous unique designer clothing at reasonable prices.

Here you will find 420 square meters of exclusive Designers and Contemporary Brands.


Colonnaden 9, 20354 Hamburg | Tel.: +49 40 37502787


3. Joachim Lührs – Antique Book and Art store

This is an outstanding shop for second-hand art books, a real paradise for the hunter and collector of rare items.

Located between a local favourite cafés – Erste Liebe Bar and the Rialto restaurant which has tables with lovely views onto the Hafencity.

The antique store is particularly famous as it is one of the very last remaining in Hamburg. It is certainly worth a look inside to see what sort of curiosity you might find and suddenly simply have to take home with you – smile!

Kunstantiquariat Joachim Lührs

Michaelisbrücke 3, 20459 Hamburg, Germany


4. The Bucerius Kunst Forum

A special tip for all art lovers. One of Hamburgs main art galleries, the Bucerius Kunst Forum is celebrating it’s new location at Alten Wall 12,  this month – June 2019.  “Here We Are Today” is the name of the first exhibition at the new location.  

See the website for more information about current exhibitions – link here.


5. Side Design Hotel Hamburg

The very first design hotel in Hamburg, Side opened it’s doors in 2001. It holds a special place in my heart as I stayed there several times before my FunkyForty adventure.

I love the fact that it is located so centrally you can basically reach everything in the centre of Hamburg by foot, including the Alster and Hafencity.

The secluded underground spa areas is one of my favourite central city spas. It was here that my daughter managed to swim her first full pool length.

Fun fact is that this hotel has one of Hamburg’s most photographed bathrooms – an Instagrammers’ delight – smile!

The bar downstairs – perfect place to relax after a day sightseeing.


SIDE, Drehbahn 49, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

For bookings click here.



A special thanks to my dear friend Melanie from www.hamburgerheldinnen.de for coming with me as we frantically explored Hamburg’s Neustadt…


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  1. very nice and there are many more places to find out it is actually a very beautiful city I love Hamburg

  2. Liebe Yvonne, Es war mir eine besondere Ehre und Freude Dir mein Hamburg zu zeigen und ich freue mich schon sehr darauf noch mehr Hotspots in Hamburg mit Dir zu teilen… Denn davon gibt es noch gaaanz viele!!!! Moin aus der schönsten Stadt Europas 😉👌

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