a presto fashion

Situated in Witikon centre , a presto fashion is one of my favourite shops because of the  collection of very feminine yet super trendy looks. Her clothes all have something special about them which you don’t normally find in other stores in Zurich – it is worth the trip out of town for a unique piece that you won’t see other people wearing around town.

Gisela is the owner of the store – originally a ballet dancer and model. However I recently learnt her Mother had a fashion store too and Gisela used to go to Milan on buying trips with her. I did think her fabulous ability of finding beautiful items for every taste must come from somewhere – smile!

When visiting the store make sure to look through each rack carefully before deciding what to try on – my tip!


Some favourite outfits from the store:


a presto fashion

Situated a 10 minute drive from the centre of Zurich, or 20 minute bus trip (bus no.31)

Zentrum Witikon, Witikonerstrasse 295, 8053 Zürich

+41 79 642 26 43



Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9–12.30 h and 13.30–18.30 h

Saturday  9–17 h