A Disguised History Lesson

Tonight I was mega excited to be going to the Salon talk “Macherin” (Maker) at Modissa to meet Switzerland’s first Fashion Blogger Marisa Pichler and her twin sister the renowned photographer Raphaela. I had so many questions to ask, tips to get…and then the talk started – really nicely moderated by TV presenter Monika Schärer…


…realisation hit – blogging has evolved so much since Marisa started her blog HopeHope in 2006 it is simply no longer comparable. Marisa herself has evolved too moving on from blogging to her style consulting business.

The evening inspired me to look up the history of blogging (see: The Definitive History of Personal Style Blogs, From BryanBoy to Man Repeller)  realising more than ever – to stay in the game one has to be prepared for anything new that comes up – just Saturday night my dear dinner guests introduced periscope to me – had you heard of it? 😉

A super interesting evening, not to mention the lovely wine from Baur au Lac – certainly gave me a lot to think about…



Am looking forward to next weeks event (9th September) at Modissa, Zurich where Kafi Frietag – a blogger/life coach and Blonderblog blogger Sabrina Pesenti share their career experiences.

Would love to see you there – smile.

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