A Bloggers Insight into TOPSHOP!

Last week was so exciting attending the first ever TOPSHOP Blogger Education day!

Topshop London by FunkyForty Having always thought TOPSHOP to be a fun brand it was a fab opportunity to get a real behind the scenes look!

Topshop Blogger Day

What we learnt:

  • Ok, yes they do get clothing made in India but both buyers and designers based in London go down to India, spending long days in the factory!
  • Yes of course inspiration for collections will be exclusive brands, but not only – alot of inspiration is also collected by visiting vintage shops throughout the globe.
  • So much thought is given to the woman as an individual – TOPSHOP has thus created three main collections aimed  to have something suiting everyone’s style: Mainline (chic staple basics), Unique (Unique cat walk design) and Boutique (the more luxurious staples)
  • Jeans are their most sold item – lets face it – who has never owned a pair of TOPSHOP jeans 😉
  • 2016 is going to see a special Beyoncé collection which she even designed herself – first time ever a celeb designed their own collection – can’t wait!


Preview of what’s to come:

  • Dresses are Hot
  • Pleats here to stay
  • Emphasis is on sparkles – shiny fabric



Personally I’m excited about their velvet collection in particular this dress:


Wishing you all a fab day!


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