9 Spring 2019 Trends You Need to Know About

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Visiting Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks each year is great fun – a sea of fashion all around. So many Street Style pictures to take and new trends to take in. However it’s not until a few weeks later and a fresh look at the photos, that the main trends come forth.

This post outlines 9 main Spring Trends from pictures I took in Milan and Paris earlier this year. It’s a special for those of you that haven’t already read the article in print in the  Gala magazine – so proud to have had my work published there for three seasons in a row now!

Keep reading for 9 Spring 2019 Trends You Need to Know About.


9 Spring 2019 Trends You Need to Know About

  1. The belted waist

The belted waist continues. What’s new is the movement away from the pure Gucci belt.  Take your pick, buckled or tie or a wide statement belt – the choice is yours.


2. The headband

The cutest brand new hype this season is the padded headband. Worn either to pull all your hair back or simply propped on the head with the sole purpose of looking pretty.


3. Cheerful in green

Green features as the friendly colour of the season. Of course Kermit green or  neon remains a favourite but so do other shades of green.


4. The Fendi Baguette

A new bag is always worth the investment to complete an outfit.  Dior is still hot but mainly focusing on their new baby Sadle bag. Fendi on the other hand ruled the season with it’s Baguette. This bag comes in so many varieties you almost need more than one to get it right.


5. The Jumpsuit

If you still don’t own a jumpsuit it’s not too late. This is a trend that’s here to stay especially for Spring 2019. There is a jumpsuit to suit every shape and size.


6. A touch of pink

We’ve been waiting for pink to go out of fashion for some time now but it’s a bit like expecting house prices to drop. Instead pink is more popular than ever this season. If you fall in love with a piece of pink, grab it! You’ll be able to wear it for some time yet.


7. The double breasted blazer

The double breasted blazer is out there with vengeance. You can wear them over anything but the hottest look of all is to wear them solo with tights and boots.


8. Fringe it up

The fringe. You either like them or not but they remain a statement feature for outerwear. Several brands continue to feature the fringe large in their bag collection too.


9. White Boots

Yes, not new but the white boot is here to stay. Seen not only out on the streets, white boots also dominated many of the runways. On the investment scale they are a definite BUY!


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Photo taken by lovely Nadia (check her blog here) we had so much fun at Fashion Week…


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  2. Love to follow you on Insta. And now I found your blogs. Like your top Trends for this season👍🏻😉

  3. Love your photos! You really bring out the fun in fashion, and isn’t that what fashion is all about? Plus, you’ve given me an excuse to buy a bright green jumper and dig out my floral handbag!

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