9 Fabulous Facts about the Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Sustainability Plan

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Thursday last week was once again the Annual General Meeting of one of my favourite companies, chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli.  If you’ve been following FunkyForty for awhile now you will know that it’s tradition for me to attend and write about the meeting each year. See last years post here.

I had just read an article claiming that the future of chocolate was at risk. It can take 4 to 5 years before a cocoa tree bears fruit.  Each tree produces around 1,000 beans a year – enough to make just 1 kg of chocolate! The benefits of cocoa farming are so poor, few young people go into the profession.

Something had to be done to encourage fair trade and support the cocoa Farmers. Hence I found it even more interesting to discover just how committed Lindt & Sprüngli are to sustainability and keeping chocolate on the market. It is their “commitment for a better tomorrow”.

Keep reading for 9 fabulous facts about the Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Sustainability Plan. Followed by a few key figures for 2018.


9 Fabulous Facts about the Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Sustainability Plan

  1. 100% of the Cocoa beans farmed sustainably

Lindt & Sprüngli have had a sustainable cocoa farming program in place since 2008. The aim is to have 100% of the cocoa beans used certified as having been farmed in a sustainable manor by 2020. Currently well on track to reach this goal.


2. An additional CHF 2 million each year spent on Education

Each year since 2013, Lindt Cocoa Foundation have been spending CHF 2 million solely on education for the Farmers.


3. All countries delivering cocoa beans are a part of the farming program

Currently cocoa beans are purchased from Ghana, Ecuador, Madagascar, Papua Nee Guinea and the Dominican Republic.


4. Over 72’500 Farmers worldwide profit from the Lindt & Sprüngli farming program

As a comparison in 2017 there were only 51’620 Farmers in the whole of Switzerland.

5. Going beyond Chocolate

The Farming program goes far beyond chocolate. Farmers are also taught how to increase their income through diversification. For example by additionally planting vegetables as well as cocoa beans.


6. In 2017/18 3.4 million Cocoa seedlings and 900’000 Shadow tree seedlings distributed in Ghana

To help cocoa production even more and save water Farmers are given access to special shadow tree seedlings and coca seedlings that are resistant to sicknesses. Shadow trees are vital in countries such as Ghana where water is very scarce.


7. Providing clean water and supporting the school system

Until recently in Ghana Farmers had to walk for miles to get water and often it would be dirty water, causing sickness. The Lindt Cocoa Foundation has, since 2008,  built over 210 water wells in Ghana. Plus built an additional 29 schools.

8. Verification of the Lindt & Sprüngli sustainable cocoa farming program

To ensure the true effectiveness of the Lindt & Sprüngli cocoa farming program  independent evaluations are carried out, both internally and by external organisations. The aim being to constantly improve the program where possible.


9. 400 Lindt & Sprüngli employees dedicated solely to the farming program.

Currently around 400 employees are solely dedicated to the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming program. Continuing to develop the program further and implement improvements.



2018 in Summary:

Despite the introduction of taxes for exporting chocolate from the US to Canada, uncertainty round Brexit and protests in France :

  •  5.1% organic growth
  • 6.9% increase in operating profit
  • 7.5% increase in dividend per registered share!

More key figures here.


Thank you to Lindt & Sprüngli for making the World a Sweeter place!

The famous Lindt Case after the Annual Shareholder Meeting in the Hallenstadion, Switzerland 2018


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nb: all images taken from Lindt & Sprüngli


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  1. very interesting I love what Lindt and spruemgli are staying for and think they do such a good Job with giving those Farmers not only a Job but also a reason to keep on it well done and you did a great Job with putting it in a blog thank you

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