8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey

8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey

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Already around 400 BC Hippocrates, the great Greek scientist, used honey to cure pain, thirst, and acute fevers. He also believed honey worked against baldness and as a contraceptive – but I think we will leave that there for now…perhaps modern medicine has progressed a little since then – smile.

What we do know today is that honey has a number of health benefits. However what many people do not realise, is that there is a huge difference between raw and grocery-standard pasteurized honey.

Through the pasteurisation process, honey loses all of its natural vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants! All the more reason to be careful and research the honey that finds it’s way into your home.

Recently I discovered Hikiän – currently the only Demeter certified biodynamic honey producer in Finland.

Keep reading for “8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey”.


8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey

8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey

  1. The honey is rare

The season only lasts 8 weeks each year. It is the shortest season in the world.

2. Behives in same place over 70 years

The Hikiän bee farm has already existed for 3 generations. The beehives are made of wood so the bees can have as natural a habitat as possible. They have also been in the same place for over 70 years.

3. Location deep in clean forest

The World Health Organisation has recognised Finland’s air as premium. Hikiä is a small village 75km north of Helsinki where behaves can stay undisturbed deep in the clean forest.

8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey
4. Exceptionally low HMF level

Unheated, unpasteurized and free from all impurities and pesticides. Also using wood for the beehives keeping the bee farms 100 % natural. Like this the honey retains all the important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

Hence an exceptionally low HMF level is achieved. The lower the HMF level is, the more enzyme activity and healing power of the honey.

5. Cleanest and highest quality bee products for the world

Currently Hikiän bee products are mostly available in Asia, Middle and Far East and the Orient. Now they are extending out to Europe and you can buy their products online here.

8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey

6. Dark violet glass

The honey is sold in dark violet glass which blocks all visible light with the exception of the violet part.  Hence the package protects the honey from harmful UV-rays.

Personally I also think it looks so stylish that it makes for a pretty Christmas gift.

7. Some for us, some for you

This means the beekeeper leaves honey in the hive for the bees, so they can survive during the winter. This is the true secret for the longstanding health and wellbeing of the hives.

8. Hikiän Propolis superpower

As well as honey Hikiän produce Hikiän Propolis. This can also be used externally by applying directly on damaged skin.


8 Fun Facts About Hikiän Premium Raw Honey

Time to sweeten your smoothies, yogurt, porridge, tea or anything else with some Hikiän honey and experience all the nutritional benefits at the same time.


Hikiän Honey products can be bought online  here.


Alternatively why not look into their program of adopting a Hive.


More information:


Nummensyrjäntie 2,
+35840 570 7951



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Note: this post is sponsored by Hikiän but I love the taste and can only recommend it!

PS: Mr H loves it too – smile!


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