7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality

7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality

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Dermocosmetics is a special field of cosmetics focusing on cosmetic products that help problematic skin.

Today we know more about why and how skin ages and loses its firmness, wrinkles appear, and skin conditions develop.

This has led to several companies producing wonderful effective dermocosmetic products. However, with such a variety how do we find out what is the best product for our skin?

This week I visited my local COOP Vitality pharmacy and learnt some great tips.

Keep reading to find out 7 great dermocosmetic tips thanks to COOP Vitality, plus a 20% discount voucher especially for you at the end of the post.

7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality

7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality

I loved the fact that the pharmacist helping me at COOP Vitality was able to tell me about real findings her Mother had had from testing some of the dermocosmetic products available.

1. Day creams are Ok for the night but not vice versa

The skin repairs at night and protects us during the day. For that reason, most night creams are loaded with nourishing, regenerating ingredients and day creams are full of protective anti-oxidants and sunscreen. If you do wear a night cream during the day make sure to apply a sunscreen on top.

2. Vitamin C good for pigment problems

Vitamin C based creams are great for people with pigment problems but should be used more at night as it makes the skin more sensitive to the sun.

3. Louis Widmer specialty

Louis Widmer is a Swiss brand that is only available in Switzerland. They have newly created an eye cream that is also recommended by doctors to be used on scars.

7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality
4. Something New from Vichy

Vichy has a new collagen product on the market. In the past collagen was always applied to the outer skin. The new product goes right into the skin and actually reproduces new cells.

7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality
5. La Roche Posay specialty

La Roche Posay specialises in great product lines for both teenagers and babies. Specialising in creams for acne skin and super sensitive products for babies.

Not a teenager, but I did buy the two creams above to use for travelling wen I am flying with hand luggage only and have limited fluid allowance.

7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality

6. Eucerin, for those wanting smooth skin without makeup

Eucerin has a lovely tinted anti ageing day cream that can easily be applied. Gives the skin a smooth look and feel without having to wear additional foundation.

I bought myself one of these as I have previously tested the night hyaluron filler night peeling and serum by Eucerin and was totally happy with the results (see article here)

7 Great Dermocosmetic Tips thanks to COOP Vitality
7. Lierac Lift Integral

Lierac has a new product line out called gift Integral which the COOP Vitality pharmacist told me is their best line ever. I found that super interesting as I am currently testing this line for a month myself…more on the blog soon about my detailed findings. So far results have been great and I noticed a slight reduction in lines.

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This post was written in collaboration with COOP Vitality but all opinions are my own. Dermocosmetic products are a great thing to try out!

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