5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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In Europe this year we have had the most amazing, long summer, so I really don’t want to complain. However when it suddenly goes from being lovely, warm and sunny, to cold and dark with lots of rain and wind it’s easy to let  a certain lethargy creep in.

Rather than dwell on this too much I’ve decided to start planning Christmas already. Should I decorate using the same colours as last year? My Mum is coming from NZ this year so do we wait for her before putting up the tree or do we put it up in advance so it is a surprise for her. The list goes on…

This is just one small way to beat the winter blues, but what say your winter is right in the middle of the year, without Christmas just around the corner? Here are five simple things anyone can do to beat those winter blues. A bit of light reading to lift your spirits on a dull drizzly day.

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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

  1. Keep Active

Don’t let bad weather stop you from doing your regular fitness. There’s something very empowering about wrapping up warm and putting on protective gear to go out running or for a brisk walk in the rain or snow. Plus moving will make you feel less tired, instead give you extra happy hormones.

Rather than feeling miserable whilst running in the rain, think of the wonderful hot shower or bath you are going to have after.


2.  Bake a Cake & Invite Friends Over

Did you know that baking in itself is proven to be very therapeutical and lift spirits. This any fruit cake recipe of mine is super easy and one which you probably already have all ingredients in your kitchen for a spontaneous cake bake – smile.

Having friends around and socialising is always good as it makes you think of other things rather than the bad weather outside.


3. Visit Local Art Galleries and Museums

Many of us stay away from art galleries and museums during summer as we like to make the most of the warm, sunny weather. All the more reason to visit them on a cold dreary day. Getting out of the house will have a positive effect and then being surrounded by inspirational pieces of art will also get your mind working in a more creative way.


4. Do Something for Somebody Else

Also known as the art of giving back which has a double effect of firstly making the other person happy and secondly making us feel happy because we helped someone else. During winter it gets even easier to help someone as often at least one friend or family member is sick. Something as simple as sending them flowers to cheer them up may well make your day too.

You might even like to look outside of your immediate circle and do something for the good of the community you live in. How about visiting the local old peoples home and playing a game with one of the residents that normally doesn’t get visitors.


So pleased to have my Street Style pictures published in the latest Gala magazine – smile!


5.  Visit your Local Botanical Garden

There are many positive effects associated with gardening and the same applies to visiting botanical gardens. The healing power of nature has been proven. According to experts studying the connection between nature and well-being, is experienced when we immerse ourselves in natural surroundings.

I like to dream of far away places when I am close to the lovely tropical plants. It always makes my mind wander to places I have been to or dream of my next vacation destination.


Wishing you all a “Happy” Winter season ahead!

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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog yes winter is always combined with something especially in Europe then there is Christmas to look forward to and snow at Christmas is also very beautiful

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