5 Top Rainy Day Style Tricks

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Just back from a fabulous road trip and what does the weather do…it decides to drop 10° overnight and rain. Not to worry, thanks to my 5 top rainy day style tricks there’s still some fashion fun to be had!

This is one of those posts where you will have seen each individual piece before (if you have been reading FunkyForty.com for some time), however never combined together.

One of the main mantras is to remember just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean you need to give up on your pretty Summer wardrobe!.

Keep reading to find out more about my 5 top rainy day style tricks.


5 Top Rainy Day Style Tricks

1. Have a brightly coloured trench coat at hand

Whether you like it or not a brightly coloured trench coat should be a staple in every wardrobe. Choose a colour you love and that goes with many other items in your wardrobe.

I got this at the beginning of the season from Tara Jarmon, however here are a few you might like to shop now:


2. Colour Block

One of the best ways to make an impact on rainy Summer days is to colour block. Wear items with bold colours and no patterns. Hence the blue dress with green trench.


3. Wear a bulky necklace

Wearing a bulky necklace on rainy days serves 2 purposes. The first is of course to look good and the other is that it also adds a bit of warmth. Much better to go for a statement necklace than scarf in the middle of Summer.

This necklace comes in several colours and is currently available online here.


4. Stick to the Sandals

Even if it is raining, keep wearing those high heeled sandals. There is something so nice about the look of heeled sandals. I don’t wear them every day but do try to wear them as long as possible into the year!

Here a few great block heeled sandals to buy now – also good for racing around in – smile!


5. Complete your outfit with a colourful bag

Completing your outfit with a colourful bag will always lighten up the whole look and add a little interest. I chose this pink one because of the pink nail polish on my toes, plus it has green which teams up with my trench.

Some fun colourful bags to shop now:


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Wishing you lots of fun styling your rainy Summer day!


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  1. very nice I like your Idea of wearing something colourful on a rainy day it makes you feel so much better to

  2. Taken on board! I don’t have a coloured raincoat or a bright coloured bag but the idea is great. I’m going to look for a coloured raincoat. xx

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