5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

Hi Everyone,

A good bag will always lift an outfit – making it all the more important to choose your bag well.

Note however there is a difference between an “It Bag” and a “Good Bag”.

An “It bag” is one that’s from a well known designer. You can team it up with the cheapest of outfits and yet still turn out looking expensive. Sometimes they can even be seen as an investment as some of them increase in value over time – the old Hermes bags being a classic example of this.

Whilst a “Good Bag” may or may not be from a well known designer. A “Good Bag” is one that is in immaculate condition, it tells a little about you as a person without having to hide behind a designer label. A “Good Bag” takes a more thought to completing your outfit. It can however – if worn well – have the same or even better visual effect as an “It Bag”.

Worst ever bag mistakes:
  • Wearing a bag that is not in immaculate condition.
  • Wearing a worn out It Bag – this is NOT cool!!!
  • Throwing on an otherwise “Good Bag” with an outfit that doesn’t match at all – you can only get away with this at times with a designer “It Bag”.
Top Bag Tips:
  • Stuff your bags whilst storing them to make sure they keep shape.
  • Only buy a bag you really fall in love with and looks good with a lot of your wardrobe.
  • When buying designer bags consider the resale value if you like to sell again. Consider joining a program where you can sell back a bag for another after a certain amount of time.
  • Refrain from buying similar bags – there is a limit to how many black bags anyone needs!

This Summer is an interesting one, perhaps it is the result of lockdown, who knows, but one thing for sure – the top it bag trends are clearly there and really look like remaining for a little bit yet. Another fun fact is that not all of the hot bags have huge price tags, even in their original form! Hopefully that little tip will make you all the more curious.

Scroll down and see the 5 top it bag trends for Summer 2020. In most cases there are links to where you can buy the original bag or the less expensive replicate.


5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

1. The Prada nylon and saffiaono leather bag

5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

My personal 2020 favourite – due to a combination of factors.

I love the colour as it basically goes with my entire Summer wardrobe. Plus I can see it will work well with black in the Winter months too. I love the fact it’s nylon and easy to pack in a suitcase. You can have the same bag in leather too. The price point for the nylon bag is also kinder than most It Bags.

Fun fact – the thick strap can be removed and worn as a belt. The pouch on strap can also be removed and put onto any belt.

Click here to buy online


2. The Loewe basket bag in palm leaf and calf skin
5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

There is no more stylish way to go to the beach or lake than turning up with one of these lovely large basket bags.

What I truly love about these Loewe bags is that they come in a variety of sizes and colour combinations – some are even lined with a drawstring at the top to keep your valuables safe.

Priced from CHF 390 for the small version.

Click here to buy online

Similar version here 


3. The Bottega Veneta Padded Casette Bag

5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

This bag is beautifully made – a real classic to be kept forever as an investment. Unlike most bags – here my tip would be to splash out on a colour. One that stands out, you love and can match with a lot of your wardrobe. Try to stay away from standard black and white.

Click here to buy online

Replicated version available online here


4. BOTTEGA VENETA The Chain Pouch gathered leather clutch

5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

This bag was all over Fashion Week last February and is going nowhere fast. Unlike the previous bag the tip is to get this one in camel – the ultimate colour that will match with anything in your wardrobe. That thick gold chain adds an unbeatable richness to it.

On the investment side this is classified as a ‘buy’, the bag will hold value in my opinion.

Click here to buy online

Replicated version available online here


5. The Dior Montaigne series

5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

I’m surprising myself to be choosing this bag as no. 5 on the list. However this is the style many luxury brands are currently creating – check out the LV Pont 9 as just one example.

At first glance these seem like very traditional non-exciting bags. Then reflecting a little made me realise they go hand in hand with the times. COVID-19 has taught us to be careful about what we buy, to rethink our wardrobes and bring back the classics.

This is a good classic staple. One which needs to be in every wardrobe (not necessarily the DIOR of course)…Certainly an investment piece that will stand the test of time.

Click here to buy online

Similar at a lower price point but still great quality


Buy good Do good:

For those of yo that like to focus more on buying consciously, my hottest bag tip is to check out the online store of Atelier Avanzar:

A bag label created by Margarita, a lovely woman from Ecuador now living in Switzerland. All of her bags are hand made in Ecuador by local women. There is also a special Avanzar foundation that has been set up and profits from the bags go to this foundation which supports sick children and women in need in Ecuador.


Please note  links to vendors may be affiliate links. I do benefit from your purchases through the links on the blog. Shipping is international!


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5 Top It Bag Trends for Summer 2020

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