5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

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Sitting here in my favourite place about to wrap Christmas presents. I don’t know about you but for me deciding what to get my family and friends for Christmas has always been one of the hardest things. Ever so conscious of not buying something which they will never use or in reality not even like…

Perhaps I am writing for me, 5 very simple tips to help ensure I get the right gift for everyone – haha!

In addition a few gift suggestions from Kneipp. You may have read my previous post about my trip to Frankfurt with Kneipp (link here). Having learnt so much about the history of the company and the wellness/sustainability thought that goes behind each and every product, I have become a real fan.

Keep reading for more about 5 tips that will guarantee you find the perfect Christmas gift.


5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

Remember to keep reading past the tips for a few of my personal gift favourites from Kneipp this year. Such an easy way to gift something sustainable and useful and so very fairly priced.

If you have already seen Kneipp products in you local store let me tell you there are many more available online.  I really love reading the monthly wellness tips and looking into their various wellness courses.

5 Tips:

1. Reflect on what people have said throughout the year

This is a great thing to do if you are looking for a surprise gift someone would never think they are getting.

2. Evaluate the current mood or situation the person is in

How a person is currently feeling gives us great clues as to what to give them. Either to make them feel better or to help them on the path they are wanting to follow.

3. Focus on Hobbies

You can’t go wrong by gifting something a person can use as part of their hobby. Can a golfer ever have enough golf balls (silly but true example).

4. Collections

Adding to someones existing collection is always an easy present.

5. Think out of the box and go beyond a material present

The gift of time or a special experience can be one of the most special things you ever give someone. Especially if they already appear to have it all!

Favourite Kneipp Gift Ideas:

Herbal Teas

These are so good – my daughter and I seem to be surviving off these this Winter.

Buy here (currently on sale at CHF 5.20 each)

Click here for some great smootea recipes

Scented Candles

I’m a strong believer in the effect of these. Speaking from experience when a few weeks everyone seemed to be in a bad mood here…I then lit the “Goodbye Stress” candle and within half an hour the mood had improved dramatically… was it coincidence or was it the candle?

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Gift

The jars have pretty wooden lids so they can be used as storage jars once the candle is finished.

Available here  – CHF 8.80 each. Click on link to also find out more about the effect of scented candles.

Bath Oils

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for any friends/ relatives of yours that like to take a bath in Winter… nothing like soaking in that hot tub after a cold day outside…

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Gift

Bubble bath – my personal favourite – Available here.

I like to make parcels of the bath oils and a scented candle so people can have an overall wellness feeling at home.

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

Available here – (gift pack CHF 11.25 but you can also buy the cream and bubble baths individually.)

A whole wellness/spa package

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Gift

This “Wohlfühlen Zeit” range is my absolute favourite Winter flavour and I use it every day. How nice to gift your favourite daily scent with a matching candle and some yummy tea.

Available here:

Cream bath , Scented candle, Shower gel, Herbal tea

You too can create your own wellness package to suit the person you are gifting best.

Special formula for those who really feel the cold

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

The “Frostbeulen-Dusche” has extracts of natural ginger and yuzu which quickly give you a warm cosy sensation.

Available here (CHF 6.20 exclusively online)


Sweet gift pack

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

This is a super cute cotton pouch containing hand cream and lip balm – 2 absolute essentials for these cold Winter days!

Available here (CHF 13.05)

I really recommend finding out more about Kneipp wellness tips and various events they have planned for 2020. Perhaps even subscribing to their monthly magazine.

Note: this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Prices are as at the time this post is written and may change.

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