5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

Hi Everyone,

Monochrome is one of those trends that never dates. It is the easiest way ever to make an impact with your outfit.  With sustainability and more conscious buying at the forefront of our minds perhaps it is also time to focus more on the monochrome outfit.

Provided you choose colours that you love and suit most of your wardrobe, monochrome pieces have the added advantage of making fabulous separates for other outfits. The yellow shirt is super old but because it’s a colour I love, over the years I’ve literally worn it with umpteen different looks.

This post is all about 5 simple tricks to styling monochrome. Once you’ve mastered the art, you’ll never look back!


5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

1. Different Textures

Make sure your outfit consists of different textured materials. This adds interest to the whole look.


5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

2. Accessories should break up the look

Have your bags or shoes in a different colour to break up the outfit. The brown bag and boots above have the effect of making the yellow outfit come even more to the forefront.


5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

3. Different shades

Wearing different shades of the same colour can add interest to the outfit. You certainly can’t tell from any of the pictures but the shirt and skirt are actually slightly different shades of yellow.


5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

4. Wear a colour you love

I love yellow and the happy effect it has on people. Wear a colour that you love and gives you confidence, makes you happy. A colour you love is bound to match to more items in your wardrobe too!


5 Simple Tricks to Styling Monochrome

5. To Pattern or not to Pattern

I’ve read many articles which say a successful monochrome outfit should also have a pattern in it. Personally I think this is the worst thing you can possibly do to a monochrome outfit as it totally takes away from the impact of the monochrome effect.


At the end of the day the real key to wearing monochrome is how it makes you feel!


Outfit Details:

Shirt – Ralph Lauren, many years old (you might like this yellow sweater instead)

Skirt – Caroll (currently on sale here and also available in red)

Bags – Atelier Avanzar – made by women in Ecuador. Helping women in need and sick children #dogood #buygood – available here

Boots – Roberto Festa  (available here)





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Wishing you a marvellous monochrome day!



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  1. very nice I love yellow and it makes an not so nice day looking like sunshine then it just sticks out and you can see it from far thank you dear Yvonne for showing your nice outfit

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