5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

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You’re going to laugh when I confess that as much as I find many fun outfits to write about and come up with the most weird and wonderful combinations, when it comes to Fall and every day life I feel as though I keep on wearing that same uniform.

The only thing that keeps me from feeling too bad about this is that, looking around, I realise almost everyone else does the same. Hence the conclusion that there simply are 5 iconic staple essentials for Fall.

Keep reading to find out what they are. Remember being iconic staples it is worth investing in good pieces you will wear for a few seasons to come. This is a little tip towards creating a real sustainable wardrobe – smile!

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

1. The Long Trench Coat

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

We all know a trench is a wardrobe staple. However to really make the most impact with this staple the tip for Fall 2019 is to invest in a super long trench. One that will be at least as long as any wonderful maxi dresses you may have in your wardrobe.

The length in the coat results in giving any outfit a certain wow effect.

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

A few long trench coats to shop now:


2. The Leather Jacket

If you feel like a change from the trench or prefer a shorter look, a leather jacket is the perfect solution. They can be worn over basically everything ad make any outfit complete – try wearing with a tulle skirt for example.

There is a trick to the leather jacket look in Fall 2019 however! Watch the length. For the best outfit effect your leather jacket should be slightly shorter than the blazer, cardigan or sweater you are wearing under it.

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

My leather jacket is super old, but I recently saw, and fell in love with, the most beautiful leather jacket from Zadig & Voltaire. It’s still waiting in the shop for me. Perhaps if I write a lovely letter to Father Christmas – Smile!

Shop now:


3. The Blazer

You’ve probably already had this drummed into your head however, office or not, every wardrobe should have at least one if not more good blazers for Fall!

They are perfect worn under coats. Choose a blazer that’s not too thick so you feel comfy wearing it indoors too. The glory is they are so easy and stylish even when worn with a simple t-shirt underneath. Give up on ironing for good or occasionally choose to team your blazer with a crisp white over size shirt – the choice is yours.

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

My blazer (gifted), is currently available in Zurich:

Caroll:  Schifflände 26, 8001 Zürich,  Phone: 044 261 90 71


4. Black Jeans

Almost goes without saying that black jeans are a staple for Fall. However what’s new for 2019 is the boot cut. Not actually new, however it is top on the trend list once again. Mine are several years old, (gifted from Zaful). I hadn’t worn them for 2 years running and was about to throw them out and then voila – the cut is back on the trend list!

So the real message is – it doesn’t matter what cut you choose as long as you love it. One year you will be in top trend, the other less so, but black jeans per-say are always a fashion staple!

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

Shop Now:


5. The Black Bootie

5 Iconic Staple Essentials for Fall

Confession time, I am certain that for the past 20 years I have probably been buying a new pair of black booties each year! To make matters less bad, I will also tell you that no matter how much I try, they end up being the Fall/Winter footwear I wear at least 70 – 80% of the time in cooler weather!

I am totally in love with these from The Kooples – despite actually buying them in an emergency. I was marching through the streets of Paris during Fashion Week from one location to the next, when my feet started hurting so badly I thought I couldn’t move another step. Then this fabulous shop loomed in front of me. I popped in, bought the booties and never looked back since!

Shop Now:



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  1. I totally agree about the uniform !!! Thank goodness for the basics that make up my uniform, I’m a no faff , classic uniform kinda gal …smile 🙂

  2. I love your Boots and also your Blog very good advise for the fall have to see what I can do about the clothes so nice and smart

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