5 Golden Rules to Anti-aging and Some Surprising Facts

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What say there were only 5 simple rules you had to follow in your every day life in order to make a substantial improvement in quality of life as you age… The good news is that there are! They are so simple anyone can follow them.

Last week Elite Beds in Zurich invited Karl J. Neeser, one of Switzerland’s leading anti-aging research scientists to come along and share with us his latest findings.

Keep reading to find out the 5 golden rules to anti-aging and some surprising Facts

5 Golden Rules to Anti-aging and Some Surprising Facts

1. Sunshine and Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a huge  role for many  health issues such as the heart, diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimers to name a few.

Latest studies have shown that today more skin cancer is caused by the sunscreen protection creams used rather than the sun itself. This does not mean you should lie in the sun for hours without any protection. However do give your skin a chance to get some sun – we all need this for our wellbeing!

Enjoying sunshine between 11:00 – 14:00, for 15 – 20 minutes at least 3 times a week is the best way to get enough vitamin D into our bodies.

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2. Exercise

Regular exercise strengthens muscles, lungs and heart. Staying active also boosts mental sharpness as we age and helps us to avoid gaining weight (when combined with a healthy diet).

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3. Diet

There are so many different diets you can follow and theories about being Vegan or not, however more importantly than any diet would be to (in general) follow these 4 guidelines:

– Take time to eat – put your phone away and solely enjoy the experience of eating.

– Drink water regularly throughout the day.

– Eat light.

– Have 12 – 14 hours break between the last meal at night and the first meal in the morning.

4. Be Happy

Research shows that people with sunny personalities live longer, healthier lives. Interestingly our general level of happiness is determined in part by genetics. Despite this there are many things we can do to increase our level of happiness – staying positive is certainly one of them.

My personal 4 happiness strategies are:

–  To go for at least a 30 minute walk or run each day and enjoy the nature around.

–  Clean up, bake a cake or do something special for someone else.

–  Go to sleep dreaming of my desired outcome.

–  Being thankful for all the positive things in my life.

My Hubby makes a point of watching a 30 minute light hearted comedy show most evenings during the week before going to bed – it’s adorable. One of my favourite things ever is hearing his laughter just before going to sleep.

5. Sleep

Most important of all is sleep! Surprisingly though it is not the amount of sleep you get that matters. What is important are the sleep phases and how much deep sleep you get each evening.

Deep and restful sleep stages are highly important to maintain health, growth and vital functioning as well as the overall quality of life. Improved sleep can help cure a number of health issues.

Simple steps for improving your sleep and staying healthy:

–  Maintain a routine sleep pattern. have an evening routine which you follow before going to bed each night that lets your brain declutter and free itself from the daily stresses.

–  Use your bed for sleeping, not for working on your pc or phone.

–  Better to have something sweet than alcohol just before going to sleep.

–  Eat light at night.

–  Avoid taking medication late at night that affects your sleep.

–  Sleep in a cool and dark room. Blue is said to have a very calming effect.

–  Above all make sure you have a good quality mattress that supports your body properly!

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A huge thank you to Elite Beds for supporting this blog post.

Note any opinions remain my own.

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