5 FunkyForty Favourite Hotels in Switzerland

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Since working as an influencer I’m often asked about my favourite hotels in Switzerland.

As a start here are 5 of my current favourite hotels in Switzerland. Each one has something particularly special about it. They are of different price ranges as for me there is more to a favourite hotel than the number of stars it has.

At the end of this post you’ll find a comments section. If you have other favourite hotels in Switzerland you’d like to share with myself and the other readers please do leave a comment.

Keep reading to discover 5 FunkyForty favourite Hotels in Switzerland.


5 FunkyForty Favourite Hotels in Switzerland

1. Hotel Vitznauerhof

Nestled right on the shores of the Lake of Lucerne, one could say there is something magical about this place. Just yesterday I met a couple that got married here 30 years ago.  It remained a magical place in their memories for sure!

For me one of the reasons this place is special is the amazing staff. The minute you walk into the pretty Baroque like foyer everyone is treated like a special family member. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the whole hotel team operate as a family. In Winter they reside in the Waldhotel Davos and Summer all move down to Vitznau.

The Michelin star restaurant Sens right on the lake is certainly not to be missed. Not to mention the newly renovated spa area with a fabulous array of treatments.

Lovely light modern rooms most with fabulous views directly onto to lake. Even the side rooms are adorable- I recommend room 312 with it’s 3 balconies and 2 bathrooms!

Being right on the lake means there is always the option of a boat trip. Each time I visit I feel as though I need to go back as there is still something else I haven’t seen or need to do.

Hotel Vitznauerhof

Seestrasse 80
CH-6354 Vitznau
Phone +41 41 399 77 77
Fax +41 41 399 76 66



2. The Chedi in Andermatt

Simply stunning and a must for the bucket list would be the first words that come to mind. Set in the mountain village of Andermatt you tend to forget you’re even in Switzerland once inside the hotel.

Each room is the size of a suite. The attention to detail is spectacular as is the amazing spa area. For me it felt like a five star plus hotel in Asia.

We’ve all heard of wine caves, but this hotel even has it’s very own cheese cave. You can choose between traditional Swiss or Asian cuisine. It’s not cheap but certainly worth the price!

See more detailed write up here.

Gotthardstrasse 4
CH-6490 Andermatt
P +41 (41) 888 74 88
F +41 (41) 888 74 99

General e-mail:



3. The Alpina Mountain Resort and Spa – Tschiertschen

Also famous for being one of Switzerlands best reasonably priced hotels. Run by Mr and Mrs Gehring – the cutest hosts imaginable. This is the perfect place to go to if you really need to get away from it all. A weekend here, going back to the roots will energise you fabulously.

Great for hiking or simply strolling through meadows and enjoying the views. Mountain bikes also available. Relax in the cute spa area. As of last year there is also a special exclusive dining option available in a romantic room with menu based on local ingredients.

See more detailed write up here.

Romantik Hotel The Alpina Mountain Resort & SPA
Michael & Marlies Gehring
CH-7064 Tschiertschen
Tel.: +41 (81) 5117384
Fax: +41 (81) 8688180
Internet: www.the-alpina.com
4. Bergspa Hotel la Val – Brigels

From one mountain resort to the next. This hotel is perfect for those who love outdoor activities such as hiking or biking. Brigels however also has one of Switzerland’s prettiest golf courses – for those of you who love  golf!

Brigels itself is the tiniest village and the road leading up to it can be an adventure in itself but certainly worth it in the end. The hotel is relatively newly renovated. It remains in my memory because of the attention to detail, friendly staff and beautiful good sized pool. Try the local wine and food specialties. All in all great price performance ratio.

See more detailed write up here.


Bergspa Hotel LA VAL****
Via Palius 18 | 7165 Brigels
T +41 81 929 26 26 | F +41 81 929 26 27
5. Villa Orselina – Ticino

Set up on the hill above Locarno this is a great place to go to if you can’t go to the beach but feel the need for a bit of seaside fun. Driving up to the entrance our car door was opened before we could even think – and for the rest of our stay all our wishes were met without a moments hesitation.

There are often yoga sessions available. Being so close to Locarno means it’s easy to pop out for a bit of shopping or a boat trip along the lake. My personal favourite was the outdoor pool with spectacular view over Lago Maggiore … not to mention the friendly inflatable swan.

The rooms are wonderfully huge with magnificent views, very light including “Arabian Nights” lights in the bathrooms.


Boutique Hotel Villa Orselina

Boutique Panorama Retreat

Via Santuario 10 – 6644 Orselina-Locarno

welcome@villaorselina.chT +41 91 735 73 73

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  1. Have you ever been in Hotel Fex in Fex Tal? It is about 100 years old and the atmosphere has not changed, but for added bathrooms. You can only walk there or go there by horse cart. Good food! Charming place!

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