4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

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It’s no secret that we’ve been having a cold Summer this year but to make up for it there are some lovely new trends coming up on the fashion scene for Fall. Tweaking the trends of the past but adding that special new touch.

There are 4 trends in particular I’m going to highlight in this post. These are trends I’m certainly going to adopt this coming Fall. The outfits in this post can all be found online at Maison Gassman – also a super pretty store to visit in case you are in downtown Zurich! You’ll find Maison Gassman pretty much directly opposite the Storchen hotel in Zurich’s old town.

Keep reading to find out the “4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!”


4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

  1. Dresses with brocade detail

One could almost say every wardrobe needs at least one dress with brocade detail on it this coming Fall. You might have one in your wardrobe already from this Summer. If you do, see if you can convert it well for Fall.

I fell in love with this dress because it’s made of a slightly heavier fabric making the dress fall super nicely into place. These dresses look fabulous with chunky sneakers, boots or dressed up with heels for date night.

Check out the dress section at Maison Gassmann here – be quick to catch some of the pretty end of Summer sales or check out the lovely Pre Fall collection.


2. The Chunky Cardigan

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

Chunky knits have been an item a few years already for colder seasons. New this season however is a move towards the shorter chunky knit. Whilst the long chunky cardigan is still an item, the shorter version is holding the trumps when it comes to the Fall 2021 trend scene.

The shorter chunky knit cardigan is meant to be worn over pretty dresses, creating a total mix in fabrics. Alternately team it up with your favourite jeans or leather/ leather look trousers.

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

As we were taking these photos I realised I love chunky cardigans like this because they don’t stick to your skin making you feel itchy and hot. Instead they simply have a sort of cuddly blanket vibe to them.

This one reminds me of a pretty burgundy one my Mum knitted me when I was at school. I wore it every day in Winter for years.

My tip is to invest in a good one as they do last for years. Be sure to get it dry cleaned instead of trying to wash it – no matter how new and fabulous your washing machine is! This is the only way to keep it looking like new longer.

Check out the lovely chunky knits at Maison Gassmann here.


3. Skorts

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

I’ve been preaching throughout Summer already that lengths have been moving to extremes – either very long or very short. So it is no surprise to see short skorts high up there on the Fall 2021 trend list.

Here’s the catch though. They will either suit you or not. Go for a pair that has a real a-frame cut to them. This will make your legs seem slimmer! Another trick is to team your shorts with a long coat or cardigan. This can create quite an elegant evening look.

Sheer tights work wonders for those of us worried about wrinkled knees.

Skorts look great with either boots, booties or chunky sneakers. You have to try out the combinations and see which looks best on you. Unless you are very tall or have suuuuper skinny legs, forget about teaming skorts with ballerinas – usually just not the best look.

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

Go for skorts made out of thicker fabrics as these will keep their shape better.

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

Check out a few skorts online here – I quite like the green Self Portrait shorts too!


4. The knitted hoodie tracksuit

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

You CAN leave the house wearing your knitted hoodie tracksuit. Combined well they look so chic that you can wear them downtown in the chicest of cities. I bet we’ll even spot this look floating along the streets of Milan or Paris!

Important is that you go for a good quality knit which sits well on your body shape. Do stick to the hoodie version – so much more fun than a simple crew or v neck sweater. Plus hoodies look super cute worn under coats with he hoodie part worn out over the coat.

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

My favourite tip for this look is to team the outfit with chunky sneakers and statement bag. Any type of shopper will work.

4 Hottest Trend Updates for Fall 2021!

Check out a few knit combinations available online here.

Wishing you lots of fun getting ready for Fall 2021!



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