3 x Philosophy for a Real Wardrobe Statement!

Having just been to the Philosophy show during the Fall 2016 Milan Fashion Week and fallen in love with the beautiful creations walking down the runway… it was a real treat to actually discover  Philosophy  on the 4th floor of Modissa in Zurich. The collection hit me in the eye straight away…but then came the decision – which pieces would work on me… reluctantly leaving a super cute mid-calf skirt with matching crop top behind, (decided that being short this probably wouldn’t work on me, but would look awesome on someone a little taller), I came up with the following three awesome pieces:

1. The dress: 

blackrabbit_bloggerBreaking every rule imaginable here by teming it up with all stars and a cardigan…it was interesting that my hubby screwed his nose at me the first time he saw me and then 10 minutes later comes up and says “oh that is actually growing on me – beautiful dress!” I can imagine wearing this look any day and every day.

blackrabbitphoto_blogger-3 2Teamed up wit pumps and blazer this dress is brilliant for either office or evening…


2. The Sheer Blouse

blackrabbitphoto_blogger-10 Can’t believe it but have decided it is OK to wear a sheer blouse! Admittedly depending on where I was going I would probably consider wearing a tank top underneath but really these are made so that you can see some skin underneath and lets face it if you wear a good bra it’s not like you’re showing any more than you would in your bikini…

Love the look of mixing the almost gothic style blouse with semi ripped jeans (Modissa), pumps (Zara) and a blazer (Boss), not to mention my favourite bag (LV- smile).


3. Pretty lace sleeveless cardigan:

blackrabbitphoto_blogger-7 Falling in love with this the minute I saw it I just had to take this top as a part of my Philosophy collection. It has a practical side in that it makes the blouse less revealing…but also perfectly completes the romantic flower power look that is hot right now.

blackrabbit_blogger-6With the lace cardigan I decided to go for flared jeans (Modissa), and super high platform sandals (Zara), taking me right back into the 70’s…


If you are in Zurich and would like to see the collection you might like to team it up with one of the lunch or salon talks Modissa has coming up. They are a great way to meet up with new inspiring women.


Next dates:

23 March – Edith Schmidt & Edith Weibel

6 April  – Isabel Baumberger & Gülsha Adilji

All photos in this post (except for the pink one above) from  blackrabbit photography  check out her brilliant site!


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