3 Unusual Ways My Family Survive Home Lockdown

3 Unusual Ways My Family Survive Home Lockdown

Hi Everyone,

The Coronavirus and home lockdown has been a real shock to the system. Truth be told, when lockdown was initially installed I felt numb inside. It was like the World as I knew it was coming to an end. It didn’t take long however until I pulled myself together and started making the most of the situation. After all being stuck with your loved ones over a longer period of time also has it’s fun side. Reflecting a little made me realise this experience has actually been a great opportunity to get to know each other and ourselves better. It has also initialised a lot of creative thinking.

This post shows you three creative (some of you may consider mad), ways my family survive home lockdown. Who knows you might even like to try the same. Although you’ll have to be fast as it looks like we are slowly getting out of this – YAY!

What I will add is that they have nothing to do with baking – smile!


3 Unusual Ways My Family Survive Home Lockdown

  1. Building robots

Yes, you read correctly, over Easter weekend the three of us sat down at one production table and built RoboMaster robots. The most 3-4 hours of concentrated fun together ever!

3 Unusual Ways My Family Survive Home Lockdown

Kudos to my hubby who came up with the idea. They were not cheap but we had planned to go to visit our Aunt in London over Easter and as that wasn’t happening the budget went to the robots.

The best part for me was when he said to our daughter “your Mother has actually done a surprisingly good job building the robot”. And so our very own R2D2 and C3PO were born.

You can operate them via an app on a mobile phone. Ever since their birth we spend a little time each day trying to drive them round without bumping things. Having small battles with one another. The most fun part is you can surprise your opponent as the robots have a camera and you can see where it is without being in the same room. My daughter even managed to use one to tell hubby it was time for dinner – hehe!

3 Unusual Ways My Family Survive Home Lockdown


2. Including Mr H into everyday family life

3 Unusual Ways My Family Survive Home Lockdown

Mr H is a bear my dear hubby once bought me in Harrods just before our daughter was born. Normally he lives quietly up in our bedroom. However since home lockdown I let him join family life downstairs. Have since found out he is quite a mischievous bear and very partial to both flowers and cake.

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Sometimes we’ll wake up to find out Mr H has stolen someones glasses and decided to read the paper and watch TV all night. He as also beed known to forget to empty the dishwasher (obviously a bears job), replace empty toilet paper rolls and make a mess of the kitchen – smile!


3, The weekend neighbourhood adventure run
3 Unusual Ways My Family Survive Home Lockdown

I’ve always made a point of ensuring we do something a little different in the weekends. Just so we still treat them as special time….

One of the things we introduced was the neighbourhood discovery adventure run. I mean let’s face it who really knows their neighbourhood very well? Usually I spend so much time travelling to wonderful places that my own neighbourhood has been pretty much forgotten. Yet I realise I live so close to so many different little woods.

It’s a super easy thing to do. All you need is to start running and turn off in a direction where you have never been before. It’s good to make someone in charge of navigation as eventually you do want to get back home. Just make sure you run where you haven’t run before.

Unfortunately I never take my phone with me otherwise I would have some beautiful scenery pictures to show. Instead I made a little Uitikon Acre Wood Map for Mr H so he wouldn’t feel quite so left out for not being able to join us.


Hope you are coping OK with the current home lockdown. If you have other unusual ways of surviving the COVID-19 lockdown please do share them in the comments below!

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May you win the COVID-19 battle!


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  1. In UK people are putting bears in windows so children on their daily walks can do a bear hunt (from a famous children’s book called ” We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”) . Wish I were younger!

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