3 Trendy Tricks for the Office Outfit

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Todays post is dedicated to (but not only), my dear readers who are going into the office each day. I am a real believer in wearing a suit to the office. It is important to make a polished appearance as rightly or wrongly people will judge your work with a bias towards your outer appearance. Most men wear suits so why shouldn’t we women.

Remember when working in an office you should always dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

The best piece of corporate dressing advice ever given to me was to always dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Having said this, a suit does not need to be boring. There are many things we women can do to vamp up our corporate look. Remaining professional with a touch of trend to spark off our own identities.

Keep reading to find out more about trendy tricks for the office outfit.


Trendy Tricks for the Office Outfit

  1. Start with Accessoires

The first trick is to start with accessories. If you’re going to wear classic blue and white to the office, dare to have a little play with your shoes and bag. I chose pink for todays look. Partially because I seem to be in a pink frame of mind this season and partially because it adds a bit of fun to a serious outfit.

Yellow or red are also fun accessory colours. Green can be pretty but I personally prefer to stay away from mixing green and navy or black for the office.

2. Dare to move away from the straight and narrow

Dare to move away from the straight and narrow when it comes to tailoring. Trend the look up a little by wearing cropped wide trousers instead of traditional suit trousers.

As we were taking photos for this post I actually thought I was wearing sunglasses. Shock horror as I had a pre glimpse! However I then decided no one wears sunglasses in the office anyway so have kept the pictures all the same.

3. Add a belt

One of this seasons hottest trends is these little tie belts. So easy to tie around the waist and make as tight or loose as you choose. Suggest you get a couple in various colours so you can have a real play each morning depending on your mood.

Being a little matchy matchy here with the pink belt. However note it’s not necessarily the same tone of pink as the other accessories.

Note however the blazer does need to be a certain length to pull off the belted look right. A short blazer could end up looking a little silly.


Outfit details:

White top and Trousers – c/o Paradis des innocents

Blazer – old, similar here

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Shoes – Zara (this season)

Glasses – c/o Bonocler


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Wishing you fun trending up your office look!

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  1. yes you are right you get always judged of what you are wearing and makes you feel also much better when you have the right clothes to shine love your blog

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