3 Top Tips for Todays Accessories!

Todays accessories are about more than simply wearing a matching handbag and shoes – in fact those days are over – these days its about matching your nail polish with your handbag if anything at all. Even matching your lipstick with your handbag will do!

Here are 3 top tips to make the most out of your accessories:

1. The Necklace – should make a statement of it’s own. An interesting necklace can turn any every day outfit into something exciting that is sure to catch the eye and make you feel great about what you are wearing. Here are some examples I found online:


P.A.R.O.S.H. flower ribbon necklace CHF 156.44 (import duty included)


ANTON HEUNIS crystal embellished necklace CHF 380.92 (import duty included)


 EDWARD ARCHOUR PARIS faux pearl and chain necklace CHF 81.82 (import duty included).


2. The Bag – these days it doesn’t have to be big – in fact in the Paris and Milan fashion weeks most bags I saw were very small. The trick to a good bag is that it has to be different, funny and suit your own personality – any bag that ticks those three boxes is bound to be a winner!


DOLCE & GABANA “dolce” Clutch CHF 37.50 (import duty included)- I promise the price is right!!!


Missoni Braided Stripe Shoulder Bag CHF 371.68 (import duty included)


Zanellato “postaina” Metallic Tote CHF 475.98 (import duty included)- this one is my personal favourite, esp as I don’t have a metallic bag (yet).


3. The Hat – you’ll be surprised what an impact a simple hat can make. No need for it to be flamboyant at all – it should simply make you smile. I believe that we know intuitively whether a hat suits us or not – if you like it then it will be good! Not many people wear hats so to be one of the daring few that do will instantly turn any boring outfit into a special occasion! In addition during summer a hat will protect your hair and face from the harsh effects of too much sunshine – smile!

I think this is one item you are better off trying on in a shop to see if it really fits and suits you. The following is one of my personal favourites:


Borsano Fedora Hat CHF 182.66 (import duty included)

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday despite the rain (pouring cats and dogs here in Zurich now) – can’t wait for my next summer vacation.



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