3 Simple Steps to Sustainable Sale Shopping

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Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

We all know the first thing that hits us after Christmas are the fabulous Boxing Day Sales – but as with every year I’ll preach it again – buy wisely! Hence this post outlining 3 simple steps to sustainable sale shopping. Note the advice and then check out some sustainable fashion items currently on sale!

3 Simple Steps to Sustainable Sale Shopping

  1. Research into the next season to come first – these days this is ever so easy as you can simply research the look books of the previous Fashion Weeks. Here a look at trends expected for Spring/Summer 2017.
  2. Stick to classic items from high end designer brands which are not subject to fashion moves. It’s always smart to buy a designer piece now that you have really longed for but it’s simply been out of your budget at full price.
  3. Buy items that your wardrobe needs – items such as expensive Sports wear, a new work suit, a party dress. Do make sure to stock take your wardrobe first to avoid buying the 20th little black dress – or 6th ski suit. Take your time and put aside tired items with the intention of replacing them with a lovely sale piece.

Selected Sale Items

Enough preaching – now comes the fun part of this post. Selected sale items that are sure to stay in the Top Trend list for awhile:

Everyday Designer Dresses

Dresses are great as you can wear them the whole year through – just combined differently depending on the season. This one is a favourite of mine because of it’s simplicity and is currently in the selection of sale dresses bellow:



The Classic Coat

Years ago my hubby bought me a beautiful coat from Bally on sale – it was expensive but it’s over 10 years gone now and it still features as one of my top trend pieces – or I could say it recently was pulled out of the closet again – in any case a good coat is always worth the investment!



Designer Bags

I’ve been admiring these Dolce & Gabbana bags for awhile now and here they are on sale:

Designer Sweaters

I’m going to openly confess to having a huge tendency recently to buying inexpensive Zara, H&M sweaters which don’t last long. In the past however I used to always buy designer sweaters – many were passed onto my Mum and have lasted for years. There is certainly something to be said for a good quality sweater so why not use the sales as an excuse to get one. This is my favourite this year bought in Paris from Tara Jarmon.



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3 Simple Steps to Sustainable Sale ShoppingWishing you all loads of fun with your Sale Shopping!


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