3 Personal Lessons I Learnt this Past Year

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This is possibly a post I should have written in January – after all that is the month one traditionally is supposed to look back and reflect upon the year just past. However perhaps it’s the fact that it’s my daughters 21st Birthday this month that I’ve chosen February as the month to reflect. Or could it also be the result of recent experiences?

The past year has certainly been a real eye opener, teaching us not to take anything for-granted. All can change much faster than one could imagine.

On a personal note, I have learnt 3 important lessons which have really helped me get through these uncertain times. I’m sharing them as I always love to read how other people are coping with the current times. Tips and tricks are always useful!

Keep reading to find out the 3 personal lessons I learnt this past year.


3 Personal Lessons I Learnt this Past Year

  1. The Power of being You!

There is nothing more powerful than simply being yourself! In a world filled with perfect social media images it is easy to get lost, to feel inadequate and the need to be more perfect. However one my favourite sayings is “to be perfect is to be boring“. We all have our quirks and different ideals and the sooner we stand behind them the stronger we will be.

Being unique is your power, use it well. There will always be people who don’t like something about you but always remember as Dr. Seuss once said,  “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter“.

Sticking up for what you believe in and staying true to your principles also gives an incredible feeling of inner strength.


2. Being Kind to Others and Showing Empathy is more Important Now than Ever!

We are currently all in the same storm but all in different boats. You never really know what another person may be going through, showing a little extra kindness might just make even more difference to the other person than you realise.

I still recall the first day of lockdown here in Switzerland. I went grocery shopping and the usually friendly lady at the supermarket barked at me because I had crossed the yellow line (I was new to this distance concept at the time). The experience shook me and made me feel sad inside for quite some time. I noticed she wasn’t the only one – it was as if overnight people started looking at others as if they were criminals, it was clear fear of the unknown.

These days I make an extra effort to smile, (even if people only see the eyes). Saying hello or striking up conversations through my mask. Remaining friendly to others makes the world a much better place to live in.

Empathy – before judging or making an opinion about someone try to put yourself in their mind, see what they are going through and feel it with them. This year really made me sit back and think of my younger self. It is easy to get to where we are in life and forget the struggles even we once had. I have learnt this year that showing empathy to others will result in reciprocal empathy being shown towards you too.


3. There is always a solution and the audacity of hope

If there is one certain thing in life it is change. It comes, it hits us hard, however there is always a solution and often the solution even ends up being a true silver lining.

The sudden closure of everything last year left me too floundering. Wondering what I was doing. How could I possibly promote others when there was no way they would benefit. Then came the idea of starting up the Favourite Shops page. A platform that helps smaller business gain more exposure and new clients at an affordable price. It feels so good to be able to provide a service that really helps other businesses.

In life there will always be situations that leave us feeling desperate. It is during these times that it’s important to think out of the box and come up with a new solution.

To be honest this is a lesson I learnt before I began FunkyForty GmbH. But with each major change in life comes a new solution to be found. The key is not to give up, stay positive and try to think out of the box, then the solution will come.




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  1. Very nice post! valid and powerful lessons. 2020was a year of uncertainty. Our world needs more kindness. People are going through things that we don’t know anything about, even if someone is rude, I have to keep my cool and show compassion. We are all in this together.
    Every day I tell myself, God, I trust in you.

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